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Professional Mission Statement

To promote the treatment and health of all patients within my area of care to the best of my abilities, without any form of discrimination, to treat each patient equally and to always ensure that I have a conscience  and be considerate to all of my patients and their wellbeing. To always uphold the professional needs of my co-workers and partner to the equal standards.

A.    Professional Summary

As a nurse I began my professional career after getting inspiration from being my uncle’s caregiver. During this time I was able to become very proficient with different skills which I developed a good working relationship with some of the nurses that came in to visit my uncle.  I was then inspired to attend a nursing school which I enrolled to university in 2015. After going through the intense program and clinical attachment, I was able to receive my ASN which enabled me to become a registered nurse. During my clinical also I have been able to get first-hand experience with the operation room and decided to pursue as a nursing in circulating. I also took my first job which was in the delivery room and began my nursing career in 2016. It was during this time that I was able to gain a lot of experience on the issue of trauma and also got my certification in trauma counselling. After working as a nurse in charge in the delivery area, I decided that I would go on with my education and pursue an associate of operating nurse certification, I was able to the BSN in Nursing, where I also switched different careers and a now a registered nurse and in charge of community hospital in my home area.  I have also been able to do several papers of which some represent the passion that I hold as being a nurse.

The tasks I did are part of my evidence based practices which represent me well as a nurse and a learner.  As a learner, I was able to conduct studies and evaluated the health needs of my community so as to ensure that there is a proper understanding on how the health systems operated and I was able to also learn the best way in which to apply my knowledge in nursing to improve the different systems.  As a healthcare professionals, I was able to apply different theories and my knowledge in coming up with various care plans, implement and evaluate the community hospital and the use of gained information in my papers.

As part of my professional competencies have been expressed in my role as the charge registered nurse. When I began my nursing profession,  I always felt excited regarding  the operation room and  I thought that this is going to be my calling, however, soon I came to realize that I needed to have a solid ground in ensuring the growth of my knowledge as a nurse. In this line I was able to find that in the home and the health nursing, my evidence based practice and other community projects that I did were very instrumental in lifting up my professional strengths. I have come to realize that as a nurse I am community driven, and I am able to thrive in the one on one environments in nursing care, I also feel that I have a lot of opportunities to grow as a nurse and improve the systems that can better be used to support patients under my care.

During the progression of my program I was also faced with a couple of challenge toward the completion of my course. Some of these challenges were community health study related while others were personal.  In respect to my personal challenges it included having to move from one state to my current place of residence, the other included a career change from the emergency theatre to the delivery theatre, having go buy a new home and having to relocate my spouse to live with me. Among the challenges that I encountered in my study were those that I faced daily during my practice as I tried to balance social and professional life. The biggest one was time management especially when most of my personal issues can into place. Even thought it was important to attend all classes, at times family would interrupt my class schedules and I had to re-organize myself, in some special cases, I had to accept the needs of my family before the needs of work, however, this was not the case when I am dealing with people in the study, my tutors were very understanding to the extent that they have assisted me in applying for some scholarship which I would use in my final semester thus helping me complete my goals.  These challenges were overcome by putting more reliance on my spouse, friend and mentors (Locsin, 2002). I have also made honestly to be my top policy and share challenges and achievements which helped me a lot.

In respect to the nine outcomes the following were met:

  • Effective Communication – my communication skills have drastically improved and I now speak to my fellow nurses and patients as a professional. I know how to write grant proposals for research and memos for my fellow nurses.
  • Clinical Reasoning – I have been able to gain solid understanding of physiology and anatomy, how to perform different skills and disease processes. However given the knowledge I have in plans of are and new processes are some of the areas that I will need to put more energy.
  • Professional accountability – These have been expressed by my community health field project of which I managed a grant for the study area to completion.
  • Synthesis of Knowledge - this was achieved  through the whole process from the initial part, it was also necessary that I ensure I have engage various forms of sciences to complete projects and gain a proper understanding of the human process.
  • Compassion for Patients – as an inspired nurse, I have always expressed by compassion for patients by empathising with patient situations and extending this compassion to their families and friends.
  • Becoming a Leader and educator – during my time as a nurse in charge I have been able to express my abilities as a leader, I have often presented different leadership projects and this has also been expressed through various support for my theories as I explain the need for new processes and for stakeholders in my clinic.
  • Interpersonal communication – when it comes to healthcare, interpersonal communication is expressed in the way I coordinate different departments to ensure that the needs of the patients are met all the time. I have used these skills during by work on community health during evidence based practice.
  • Knowledge of Genetics and Genomics – during my studies I have been able to learn ways that I can integrate genetics and genomics in the care and support for my patients where through the use of genomics I was able to utilize the American museum of natural history.
  • Utilization of Information technology – I had a chance of trying telemedicine during community health work, and I have competently used the social media to provide instruction and send memo to nurses under me which has worked well to improving care (Purdy, 2016).

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During my professional practice I have been able to take on many roles. For example in my role as a leader, I was able to learn a lot about what it meant to be a nurse. I was also able to learn that I am in a position to advocate for the needs of my patients while also attending to my fellow nurses to ensure that the promote positive patient experience in the hospital. I do this as I strive to ensure that the cost of health care is reduced so that the patient and the family does not incur a lot of burden.

As a scientist I have used my role to inquire and inform various decisions made in regard to healthcare especially on the issues around admission and adherence to medicine. I do not only follow what has been written in the book, but I also try to research on ways that I can improve nursing care and practice. As a detective I have used my role to investigate the cause of burnout and poor motivation from my fellow nurses, I have also solved various patient complaints by addressing the issues with the nurses involved. I also examine the admission processes and collected evidence as part of advocating for change. As a manager, I have been in the forefront to ensuring that the needs of my nursing staff and that of patients have been met.  I also look at the whole picture of nursing care as a process of constant change and we are supposed to work as a team. I have been able to create different roasters for the nurses to ensure that there is a reduction of burnout and assigned roles for nurses in regard to the areas that they felt comfortable to work under.  As a charge nurse, I feel so comfortable on my role and I will continue to use these experiences to ensure proper nursing practice.

B. Quality and Safety

From the time that I enrolled in the nursing profession, I have always felt that there is a way that I could be able to improve the profession. During the processes I have been able to learn more skills and attended different seminars that ensured that I practice my nursing profession with quality and safety. This is because quality and safety are among the most important aspects to the nursing practice. To my personal experience, quality and safety is about taking the time to learn way in which one can complete a particular process or procedure through the laid out steps. It is meant to cause no harm to the patient. One example is when you take the time to complete various competencies in the nursing training for drawing blood, for which I learnt ways to take time to effectively complete the task.  In the same manner, the values and professional roles also assisted me a lot in reflecting on my role as a registered nurse and way that I would ensure quality and safety in regard to the nurse’s code of ethics. While I was doing my study, I also realized the value of using the Nursing code of ethics when providing the quality and safety for each patient that I met. I was also able to learn a lot with the Institute of health improvement which enabled me to learn how to integrated quality and safety in my daily nursing practice (Ihi, 2019).  The institute of health improvement is among the leading innovators, partners, conveners and drivers of results in improvement of healthcare.  These course were very important to me as described by the institute as they also assisted me when it comes to gaining the knowledge and the right confidence to ensure safety and quality in nursing practice (Ihi, 2019).  I also received a health and safety certificate which is proof that I have complete a safety courses and this can provide me with great leverage to my future employers and fellow workmates.

C. Evidence Based Practice

In respect to evidence based practice but the tasks I did in my course have enabled me to professionally grow in different ways.  Evidence based practice task 1 helped be to be a professional researcher, as I searched for the will support my hypothesis and knowledge.  I also have a lot respect in regard to the nursing researcher and the amount of contribution they made to the practices. Also during the evidence based practice 2, I was able to learn new skills that qualified by as a research nurse, however I will use the knowledge gained from the course with me. Also in respect to evidence based practice and applied nursing research provided my with the right education on how to take the practice of nursing into science. This is because science is based on evidence and truth, the nursing practice becomes valid only when it has been backed up with scientific research. The practice is also changing on a daily basis will means need for more knowledge.  With this in mind, I have come to make a difference between primary and secondary research. When it comes to primary research, the authors that did the study actually performed the whole research themselves. This is usually utilized when there is a new idea that the researcher has established and is in the process of proving a new theory in regard to scientific evidence.  According to secondary research, this is based on the studies that were conducted by other authors.

In this regard secondary research would be very important to use especially when one wants to establish a popular practice in the in the modern setting. This course was very important to me as it enabled me to come up with a report as a secondary researcher and ways to evaluate the current articles in the primary research, during the secondary study I was also able to sift out some of the papers with solid foundation. The believability and relevancy of the data are among the main key to finding out the right study. If an article was found not to be relevant in the process, then it was not reliable, meaning that one is not supposed to use it as a source in research work. It is also important to note that even though the issue of quality improvement and research may seem similar, they are usually not the same.  This is because quality improvement is about the common procedure, the general nursing practice and medical facilities. The process is quick yet a very effective manner in correcting the action through evaluation and experience. However, after the work is done, the right action taken, it is very important to back up the change including data.

This also shows that research is a very important aspect in nursing and development processes. It will also involve the development of testing, theory and evaluation that will be used to concede the right conclusion.  With regard to evidence based practice I have come to embrace my role as an in charge nurses.  I have openly used various topics in respect to my everyday practice and make use of this course toe enable be to understand better my nursing role. Also I was able to take information that I learnt from other nurses to understand ways in which a much more efficient admission and practices towards discharge would enable me eliminate the various wasted resources and improve the outcomes of patients. Also I learned that I was not much of a novice nurse which explained ways that I could more efficiently serve patients under my care and reduce the amount loss of resources during practice.

D. Applied Leadership 

If there is one thing that I was able to learn from by roles as a professional nurses is applied leadership, this also worked form me during the time I was completing my leadership and learning experience.  To my point of view, applied leadership was about taking the right theory or the right idea and applying it all through the leadership through my work place. In my professional role and values course, I was also able to learn a lot regarding ways to develop   in my professional mission statement.  In most cases, I was a nurse in charge, and mission’s statement was able to run with my specific roles as a nurse.

“To promote the treatment and health of all patients within my area of care to the best of my abilities, without any form of discrimination, to treat each patient equally and to always ensure that I have a conscience  and be considerate to all of my patients and their wellbeing. To always uphold the professional needs of my co-workers and partner to the equal standards.”  However in respect to my role as a charge nurse, I would then adjust my mission statement which can read something like

To ensure a collaborative effort towards the promotion of good health and treatment for all patients within my area of care to the best of my abilities, without any form of discrimination, to treat each patient equally and to always ensure that I have a conscience  and be considerate to all of my patients and their wellbeing. To always uphold the professional needs of my co-workers and partner to the equal standards.

It is important to acknowledge that my professional mission statement is very much in line by explaining on ways in which I shall conduct myself as a registered nurse. I plan to continue making use of my mission statement as a guide through my career as a constant reminder on ways that I am going to treat my patients, also as a reminder on ways that I should always conduct myself to the highest standards. The mission statement also shows that I need to hold my associate to the highest standards.

I think that I wholeheartedly that in the event one is going to fill their mind with positivity, then these thoughts are going to manifest into the real practice. In this regard I am going to make use of my mission statement as part of the outline to my nursing practice, including adding things that will ensure I become a better nurse. In order to ensure that I meet the requirements of my mission statement, I will ensure there is proper collaboration between me and other healthcare providers. Whether it is about communicating with the doctors, patients and fellow nurses and other professionals, I need to collaborate with my team to ensure the effective and efficient way of doing work and providing a positive outcome for patients. As a nurse in charge, I will also be required to collaborate with other stakeholders at my position during the leadership and learning experience. Collaboration is very important as it ensures that all the projects I am involved in succeed, thus I need to communicate with stakeholders so that we are in the same line in terms of project development.

E. Community Health Population

My choice for community health population was in Sentinal city. The

The sentinel is a city that has a population of 663,862 with a total of four neighbourhoods.  Among the cities, the best maintained is Acer tech and the Nightingale square in addition to the older industrial heights and industrial Casper park district which has the highest population of 352643 while industrial heights records the lowest population at 38,855. Nightingale follows in the population at 103, 974 while the remaining 168,390 are the population in Acer Tech center (Areavibes, 2019).  Also 7.4% of this population make up children under the age of 5 years while 21% are people between ages 5-18 year of age. Also 10.5% of this community is above the age of 65 which the remaining population is made of adults between ages 19-64 years. When it comes to the ethnic demographics, the city is made of different races and ethnic groups (Areavibes, 2019). Most of the population is made up 80.6% whites. The second biggest race population is of black people at 10.4% while Asians come in at third place at 3.7% while Hawaiians and other islanders make up 0.2% and 3.1% of the population. There are also two more races. When it comes to the distribution of income the median household income distribution can be defined in the four major regions where nightingale square $269, 500,  while Acer Tech Center $166,300, Casper Park District $80,000 and Industrial Height $24, 672. However, the median household include for the entire city is can be calculated at roughly $49,091 (Areavibes, 2019). Individuals that do not have health insurance are mostly under the age of 65 with the Industrial Height leading at 37.5% while Casper Park comes in second at 22.7% and Acer Tech center at 1.5% lastly the Nightingale Square third at 0.7%. This data indicates that it is evident the median household include can be said to be inversely proportional to the number of people not insured.

In the same line, my main health concerns was on the growing rates of Sexually transmitted Diseases in Sentinal City. As part of my community health assessment I discovered that sexually transmitted infection is one of the main community health concerns in the city.  According to statistics from the center for disease control and prevention, more than 2.3 million cases of gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis were reported in the city (Areavibes, 2019). The number has continued to grow to an alarming rate that federal agency call for more resource to be allocation to halt the rising cases of sexually transmitted diseases and continue to steadily climbing in Colorado. 

During my work with various community figures, I also came to the conclusion that there were still a lot of community issues which when unrecognized in the city apart from the irresponsible and unprotected sex. It was obvious that since Sentinal city was located in Colorado state. 

However my main interest remained in the prevention of the social and cultural causes of STD, however I had to speak to the community before beginning the project so that I do not have change the direction of my studies.  I also came to understand that it is the intention of the community to reverse the spread of STDs and calling for the need for more community awareness to stop the social and cultural factors that promote STDs. The center for diseases control was good in providing me with information I needed and enabled me to get a better understanding of social demographics and how they play a role in the spread of STDs as the clinical approach alone cannot have a lasting impact as it is not only about administering medication. This information will thus be helpful for me as it will assist me in conducting further investigations on how this can impact on patient Behavioral change, care and support.

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