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NURS 6002 Foundations for Graduate Study Sample

Academic Success and Professional Development Success Template

    Involvement of different stakeholders in my MSN program would be vital to promote a successful interprofessional education (IPE) journey. IPE would offer the ability to exchange skills, knowledge, and ideas between different experts. Thus, it will foster a better understanding of how shared values and respect among different healthcare professionals improve the quality of care and patients’ outcomes (Reeves, Pelone, Harrison, Goldman, & Zwarenstein, 2017). Therefore, I identify two academic and professional individuals to join my network for a successful completion of the MSN and promotion of my nursing practice.

Network Member 1

Name: National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Title: NAPNP

Organization: National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

Academic or Professional: Professional

    Reason for The Selection and The Influence:

In the future, I would like to major in pediatric. Therefore, joining NAPNP would be a great platform to network with other professionals pursing pediatric. I would also increase my chances of securing a job faster in my specialty by joining NAPNP.

Network Member 2

Name: David

Title: Walden University Field Experience Officer

Organization: Walden University

Academic or Professional: Academic and Professional

Reason for The Selection and The Influence:

David will be of great importance the moment I will start searching for clinical placements. He will also be invaluable since I will be consulting him whenever am faced with difficult questions regarding my practicums. He has a wide network of friends that I could also link with to advise me on the best places to apply for clinical placements. 

Network Member 3

Name: Stephen Bowler

Title: Tutor

Organization: Walden University

Academic or Professional: Academic 

Reason for The Selection and The Influence:

Bowler is a renowned tutor in the faculty of clinical medicine. He has a wide knowledge in human anatomy. IPE is a vital facet of the modern nursing education (Khanbodaghi, Natto, Forero, & Loo, 2019). Therefore, creating a network with him would increase my chances of performing better in courses related to human anatomy through regular consultations. Besides, I would be borrowing learning resources from him to use in my studies. 

Network Member 4

Name: Charlie Ben 

Title: MSN Student

Organization: Walden University

Academic or Professional: Academic 

Reason for The Selection and The Influence:

I was interested in selecting Ben to join my network because he is ahead of me in the studies. Therefore, he will act as my mentor in the MSN program. Ben will guide me on what MSN students are supposed to do to complete the program successfully. 

To sum up, interprofessional collaboration is vital in nursing. It helps in improving care delivery and patients’ outcomes through the sharing of values and skills. Besides, IPE contribute positively toward successful completion of different healthcare courses such as MSN program.


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