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Task 1 Assignment: Professional Nursing Practice

  1. Nursing Theory that Has influence my values and Goals

When it comes to my professional practice, the nursing theory that has influenced by  Values and Goals is that of Watson on ‘Human Caring'.  The theory suggests that the nursing process will entail building relationships between one person to the other to ensure care and support is focussed on the patient so as to achieve the highest degree of harmony in the mind body and soul. From a study which was conducted on Watson's theory on the mental health status of pregnant women after losing their baby, it was found to have a very positive effect. When a was assigned to work in the maternity ward during my internship, this theory was very vital in my daily engagement and ensuring that I delivered my services as required (Alligood & Tomey, 2010). It is also during this time that I had to deal with patients that experienced the loss of their children after delivery and during postnatal care. As a nurse, this theory can be used to present a holistic approach to nursing care by approaching patients which empathy, love, and compassion. The theory fits my professional practices since, during the delivery of my duties, one of my goals is to ensure patients have a hospitable experience while under my care.

  1. The contribution of Two Historical Nursing Figures

The two Historical nursing figures are Jean Watson and Margaret Sanger.  Both of these figures contributed a lot in women healthcare, especially on their reproductive rights. For example, Margaret Sanger is the one that developed the anti-reproductive pill that provided women who have had more than one child an option to permanently prevent further pregnancy (Alligood & Tomey, 2010). In the same line or reproduction, Mary Sanger came up with a holistic approach that can be incorporated during the patient healing process in the nursing care practice whether it is a loss of a child or during pregnancy (Alligood & Tomey, 2010).

  1. Functional Differences between State Board of Nursing and the American Nurses Association.

The difference between the two organization is that each has a specific function on the role of nursing (Bell, 2015). 

  1. Define the roles of these two organizations.

The American Nurse Association develops standards for practice while the state board of Nursing is responsible for the granting and renewership of nursing licenses including revoking in case of misconduct (Bell, 2015).


  1. Explain how these two organizations influence your nursing practice.

In my nursing practice, the two organizations have been instrumental in ensuring that I am a licensed nurse allowed to practice while the American Nursing Association guides my mandate as a nurse which protects my limit to patient accountability (AMA, 2019).


  1. Requirements for professional license renewal in Washington State.

My state of practice is Washington where requirement for practice is that I must have graduated from a traditional or non traditional  registered nursing program as approved by the Nursing Board. I am also required to complete a nursing workforce data of two surveys, a 7 hours AIDS education and training and pay for the license application fee of $120. Also the Washington state licensing exam required that I pass the NCLEX where a one time license will be issued within 7-10 working days (AMNHealthcare, 2019).


  1. Consequences of failure to maintain license requirements

Among the consequences includes lapsed license status, meaning one is not allowed to practice. In case of revocation of the license, one will be forced to call for a notarized petition attracting a $60 non-refundable fee and $100 for a lapsed license, including evidence for a clean criminal background and citizenship (AMA, 2019).

  1. Differences between registered nursing license requirements in a compact state versus a non-compact state

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In a compact state, one can practice in different states and will not be required to have licensure in each state. However it is a requirement that one resides in the state he or she is working in, must have a registered nurse license and meet home state requirements.  In a non- compact state, the nurse can on practice in the state which the license was issued (Katzive, 2015). However, the issue is under the process of being wiped out where all nurses in the United States will have a compact status.

  1. The Functional Differences between the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

FDA oversees safety related to foods, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices among other products and services that revolve around public health while the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is mandated to provide accessible healthcare for low-income population thus ensuring they have access to healthcare resources (Katzive, 2015).

  1. Agencies influence in Professional Nursing

The two agencies have been able to ensure transparency in the medical practice which has been instrumental in ensuring that hospitals provide meaningful, accessible and quality information to the public which directly influences the care I will provide to my patients.  Also as a regulatory agency, the FDA has ensured that I have reduced medical errors due to the provision of a Machine-readable barcode which I use when providing medication to patients under care, due to this there is proper documentation which in turn has helped in increasing the patient outcomes (Tektaş & Çam, 2017).

  • My role as an advocate to promote safety when a patient has requested an alternative therapy.

As a nurse, I have ensured the implementation of specific procedures and policies which lead me in the evidence-based practice when it comes to nursing care. For example, in ensuring that patients understand the benefits of medical actions and why it would be advantageous to them to follow the doctor's recommendations (Tektaş & Çam, 2017). Also, my other role is to ensure the safety of patients by getting them to the required treatment areas as required.

  1. The purpose of the Nurse Practice Act (NPA) in My state and impact in professional practice

The NPA in Washington State provides me with the scope of practice for various nursing roles which also gives me the authority to practice in the defined scope. It also guide me in the protection of the rights of those receiving care and controls my mandate in providing care.  The duties, powers and regulations of the nurses has been outlined in chapter 18.79 section 110 (RCW, 2019)

  1. The scope of practice as an RN in Washington State

As a registered nurse, the scope of practice requires me to perform medical exams among other duties in my job description. I can also delegate duties to other care professionals that include the licensed practical nurses and the unlicensed surbordinate staff (Doh, 2019).


  1. Washington State Delegation of RN

 In Washington State, delegation programs provides authority for nursing assistants to work or perform tasks like administrative work or administering of prescriptions to patients  or blood pressure and glucose testing. During this time of delegation, the Registered Nurse ( RN) must supervise and train the nursing assistant while providing assesment of patient progress (Wsna, 2019).

  1. Roles in Professional practice.
  1. A Scientist - I implement the quantitative and qualitative evidence base practice during nursing care thus contributing to the development of policies toward care.
  2. A Detective - I am supposed to collect information related to nursing malpractice, patient misconduct when it comes to taking medication, report on unsafe conditions for nursing care and inform the nurse in charge of any issues that bar nurses from doing their job.
  3. A Manager of the Healing Environment - I must ensure the safety of the patients and their families by providing a positive work environment (Lankshear, Kerr, Spence, Heather, & Wong, 2013). I ensure that as a nurse I am approachable to patients and clients so I can be able to report issues affecting them.
  1. Two Provisions from the American Nurses Code of Ethics

The first provision looks at the nurse's relationship with the patient where they are supposed to be compassionate and respectful to promote dignity, uniqueness, and worth of each individual. The second one dictates that the nurse should be committed to the patient despite class, gender, race or background and fight conflict of interest ("Code Sets Overview," 2018).

  1. How two provisions influence professional practice

The code of ethics directs my everyday nursing practice which changes my perception of patients, in the way that they act, what they know or how they are thinking in regard to their treatment options. I am able to provide them with hope, compassion, and respect without prejudice (Keane, 2014). I understand that all patients are to be treated equally and it has guided by to fight misjudgment and address patient's pain in respect to their worth, dignity and uniqueness of their condition.

  1. Nursing Error occurrence in Clinical Setting

One error is to properly instruct the patient on the treatment plan and especially when it comes to medication intake, or administering the wrong medication at the wrong time. Such an error can be fatal and life-threatening to the patient.

  • How ANA provisions can be applied to the error

In the first provision, it is the nurse’s responsibility to create a level of trust with the patient so they are in a position to discuss the drug intake plan and what can best work for the patient.  This will ensure that they do not default on medication and they understand the importance of ensuring that they have taken medication as it is required.  Also, the second provision ensures that the nurse differentiates professionalism and other personal interest (Keane, 2014). When the nurse has a conflict of interest, it is possible that they can provide patients with the wrong medication if they feel that it may help the patient achieve what he or she is looking for. It is possible that the nurse may also fail to administer medication according to the patient’s will, however, with the AMA code of practice, it helps the nurse to establish professionalism in nursing practice (AMA, 2019).


  1. Four Leadership Qualities to promote nursing excellence

The four leadership qualities in promoting nursing excellence include; good communication, honesty, empathy, and commitment to patient care.

  1. The significance of the qualities on the role at the bedside and within the nursing team

At the bedside, it is important for the nurse to show commitment to ensuring that the patient condition improves gradually. This will also entail listening to the patient, going through the journey with the patient and showing compassion and empathizing with their condition. One has to be a good communicator all the time, which entails active listening and providing information to the patient regarding their development. Within the nursing team, I must ensure there is clear communication among nurses as this will ensure the implementation of proper nursing care (AMA, 2019). This is very important during the changing of shifts whereas a nurse I will need to brief the incoming nurse about the condition of the patient I am seeing so that they can continue with required nursing care.

  1. Impacts of work environment on nursing leadership, decision making, and professional development

In my professional practice, I am required to ensure the practice of quality care to my patients and their families. The work environment will often be influenced by different patient care situations and support systems for both the nurse and the patient. In my practice, the hospital has set up a leadership team that is made of a manager and 5 in nurses in charge. These leaders ensure excellence in nursing practice which is of great impact to my practice and ensures success in the way I care for my patients. I am often a positive role model to my fellow nurses and participate in decision making regarding changing of shifts and patient care plans (AMA, 2019). This will ensure I grow up as a registered nurse thus ensure continue with my future education, thus rising to great heights as a nurse.