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pediatric peripheral iv management and monitoring *i work on a pediatric med-surg ward for the army. part of my yearly evaluation is performance improvement. recently, my unit has seen numerous infiltrated iv's over the last few mos, increase actually. we discovered many of these iv infiltration came from the use of co-ban(elastic dressing) to dress or secure the iv--improper dressing, improper monitoring/lack of monitoring, and lack of education/training regarding iv measurement. recently, last week we had a 2yr old dislodge his port a cath and his iv fluids infiltrated, which could have been disastrous if he was infusing anything caustic, this is a chemo patient...and this patient had the same issue last month and dislodged his chemo causing a spill.

Structure: structure should follow the outline in the instructions.


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  1. Understand the assignment requirements. Read the lecture notes, check the modules and resources on the task posted by your professor.
  2. Create a thesis statement. It will give you direction and focus, and you will be less distracted when writing the paper.
  3. Make the essay outline. As you review the assignment rubric, create a strategy so that you don't write unnecessary information.
  4. Always start your assignment with an introduction. It will make your professor know you perfectly understand what is needed as you will introduce your thoughts about the topic in this part.
  5. Always have subheadings and start each paragraph with a topic sentence.
  6. Use credible sources. Mostly, you will are given the required readings in your modules. Ensure you have the materials and books needed to finish the assignment.
  7. Conclude your assignment and proofread to ensure it's flawless and you don't miss any crucial points.


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