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Tests and ANOVA in Clinical Practice

Type: Essay

Subject: Methods For Evidence Base

Subject area: Nursing

Education Level: Phd Program

Length: 1 pages

Referencing style: APA

Preferred English: US English

Spacing Option: Double

Instructions: inferential statistics enable researchers to apply the data they gather and the conclusions they draw from a particular sample to a larger population. as the name implies, inferential statistics focus on inferring whether there is a relationship between two or more variables. these statistical analyses include t tests and analysis of variance (anova). t tests are part of a group of statistical tests that test hypotheses; in fact, it is necessary to formulate a hypothesis in order to use a t test, because the results of the test can only be interpreted in the context of a scientific hypothesis. inferential statistics such as t tests work well for comparing two groups. although mathematically equivalent to the t test, anova allows for the comparison of more than two groups. therefore, when three or more groups are involved, the anova should be used. in this week’s discussion, you are asked to locate a current research article that utilizes either a ttest or anova analysis. you provide a summary of the research study and of the study’s application to evidence-based practice. you also examine the article’s use of a t test or anova and how either of those statistical analysis tools helped to inform the article’s conclusions and recommendations. to prepare: consider some of the important issues in health care delivery or nursing practice today. bring to mind the topics to which you have been exposed through previous courses in your program of study, as well as any news items that have caught your attention recently. select one topic to consider for this discussion. next, review journal, newspaper, and internet articles that provide credible information on your topic. then, select one research article on which to focus that used inferential statistical analysis (either a t test or anova) to study the topic. with information from the learning resources in mind, evaluate the purpose and value of the research study discussed in your selected article and consider the following questions: who comprised the sample in this study? what were the sources of data? what inferential statistic was used to analyze the data collected (t test or anova)? what were the findings? ask yourself: how did using an inferential statistic bring value to the research study? did it increase the study’s application to evidence-based practice? by day 3 post a cohesive response that addresses the following: identify the topic you selected in the first line of your posting. summarize the study discussed in your selected research article and provide a complete apa citation. include in your summary the sample, data sources, inferential statistic utilized, and findings. evaluate the purpose and value of this particular research study to the topic. did using inferential statistics strengthen or weaken the study’s application to evidence-based practice?

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Important notes: expectations 1. all paper assignment must be written in apa format (click here for sample apa paper: sample apa paper.pdf ). which means, you must have a cover/title page (no abstract please), running head, title on the first page, introduction in the first page, at least level-one headings (use headings for each main criteria described for the paper), summary/conclusion paragraph, and a reference page. refer to this library resources and this website for reliable apa sources: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/1/ 2. when you are writing your paper, remember your paper assignments are formal/professional/scholarly paper. so, you should not use the first-person language (or use minimally when appropriate if the assignment is asking for your opinion or reflection paper). please do not use i, i am, me, my, mine, we, us, him, our, etc..., instead, use a third-person or, for example, you can say "the organization", "the nurses", "the unit manager", etc... 3. you must have at credible references for each professional/scholarly paper. your references must come from credible resources such as journal articles and reference books. please do not use magazines or unsupported .com or wikis resources. also, minimize the use of only online websites. 4. please support your arguments in your papers with providing in-text citation of your resources/references. often students fall into stating some important facts and sometime state their professional opinion. in this case, you must cite the facts and support your professional opinion by citing some relevant or similar literature that supports your stand.

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