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World View Reflection

Christian perspective of spirituality

According to Christian perspective, spirituality is based on the search for the meaning of life while they continue to have a relationship with oneself and God.  Spirituality thus looks at the yearning to experience God’s blessings and kindness while bringing about transcendence.  In the Christian faith, spirituality is usually practised exclusively in their relationship to music, nature, arts and a number of philosophical beliefs or their relationship with their friends and family (Yenor, 2016). For Christians spirituality will look at the quality of the individual relationship with God as it strives for their inspiration, to be redeemed, to find purpose and meaning, awe and to find faith and grace in God (Yenor, 2016).  The spiritual dimension of Christianity calls for harmony between man and God, where human beings are required to respect God’s word and find grace about the infinite and comes to focus  in regard to physical, emotional, loss, illness and bereavement and death.

In the context of postmodernism relativism it can be said that postmodernism views the issue of spiritualism in regard to ethical affiliation (Balserak, 2016). This is because postmodernism is an intellectual movement in which the interpretation of an individual’s thoughts means everything and reality will come about through the individual’s view of the world. In this way, postmodernism relativism, does not agree with Christian spiritualism as they view the world from the way it is (Balserak, 2016). According to postmodernism, the modern mind looks at spirituality as being all relative to the individual’s personal experience. This means that the individual’s spirituality should not be tied to a form of a higher being, but a personal choice that embraces relativism where all points of view are equally valid (Yenor, 2016). Postmodernism can thus be said to be based on science, which is in contrast to spiritualism. Harmony in this way needs to exist outside the individual’s body, both the issue of spirituality and science which needs not be viewed separately but also complement each other towards interconnectedness through the body, mind and soul.


Scientism is based on an ethical system that is rooted on various scientific reasons and facts with no possibility of supernatural powers. According to the features of modernism, scientism is viewed as an intellectual movement in which interpretation of an individual’s thoughts is everything and reality will come about through the way one interprets the view of the world (Yenor, 2016). The concepts of scientism are thus going to affect the individual’s view of the word and their spiritual orientation. The individual thought is basically about a personal choice that embraces relativism in which all points of view will be equally accepted.  However, there are arguments that science alone may not give the true meaning of life. There needs to be existence of harmony within and outside of the individual body (Yenor, 2016). Thus by integrating science to the topic of spirituality cannot be seen as two separate views but should be able to complete one another towards interconnectedness of the mind, body and soul.

The second problem with the scientism view of the world is that it often proponents are based on philosophical thoughts that are put to make people feel good about their situations when the reality is kept away from them. Followers of scientism do not contribute to anything, as everything is about their derivative and will be interpreted to various versions of logical positivism, Hume without the understanding of various critiques (Yenor, 2016).  Also when looking at various phenomenon like language, it is radically contingent as it depends on cultural history and cultural memory in regard to its continuation and existence. In addition, a block on the frictionless plane is not path dependent in the same manner.

Ultimate reality

Ultimate looks at another belief which strongly ties the world view with God. This is because God is the ultimate creator of reality.  According to humanity, they understand and recognize the existence of reality.  This is about the existence of the past as a guide to the present way that people live (Balserak, 2016). There also exists a beginning and an end to every, however the way that people interpret it will show how they embrace the reality of life.  The sinful or bad actions committed by the humanity is often considered as being evil. Here humanity does not possess evil but all also decide in regard to actions that they perform.  There also exists a way of goodness in reality (Yenor, 2016). The supernatural real also equal nature of God, which is love, according to the realm of God. In ultimate reality thus, God interacts and prepares human being until the day that they will die and go to heaven to confront their creator and recognize him with no barriers.

Various teachings on theology looks at ultimate reality as two types of belief that people strongly depend on, however epistemology is the final belief which identified what people know about the Supreme Being. For example in Christianity, through revelation, people are able to know God. There are also two types of knowledge, these realities are absolute knowledge and ultimate reality (Yenor, 2016). He also created the use of actual facts from nature. The human mind is meant to make judgements, God gives people a sense of trust and the mind to understand the world that revolves around humanity. Realism thus looks at the realistic approach of connecting humans with nature.

Nature of the Universe

By definition, the nature of the universe is defined by time and space, which in other words is collected referred to as space-time and time (Balserak, 2016). These contents also comprise of all energy displayed in different forms and their contents. These contents also comprise of all energy in its different forms, including matter and electromagnetic radiation thus all the moons, planets, galaxies, stars and the contents of intergalactic space (Yenor, 2016).  According to scientists, the universe is also made of physical laws which influence matter and energy, like laws on conversation, classical mechanism and the issues of relativity.  The common definition of the universe is the totality of existence or everything that exists in space, and that which has existed or will exist.

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This means that the idea of some philosophers and scientists hold it that the inclusion of abstract and ideas and concept like mathematics and logic in regard to the definition of the universe. Here the idea of the universe will also refer to the concept like the world, cosmos and nature (Balserak, 2016).  In the religious point, any universe will begin from the assumption on the nature and  what exist, the main defining character  of these assumptions is that they will themselves  not be able to prove. Even when looking at the universe from the view of material science is not about to exempt from the necessity of logic for the epistemological first move, with in regard to materialistic atheist is the main idea same to ironically, a religious leap of faith (Snoby, 2001). The nature of the universe motivates individuals to ask themselves what is life, why do we exist, what is the meaning of humanity, and where does all these end.

What is a human Being?

In human being is considered as being the most unique and intelligent animals on earth, according to Christian religion a human being is the best and most empowered creation of God.  The way that human beings view themselves, is very special and unique, as they are individual who have been able to manage to adapt to all forms of habits, social structures and subsistence pathways even on the view of evolutionary heritage (Balserak, 2016).  A human being is the most successful creation in ever habitat on the planet become of development of technology and adaptation to forming themselves in to the desires and needs of the human species (Snoby, 2001).  However the nature of humanity continues to change with the advancement of technology, and most human beings are slowly turning to their own innovations and being enslaved by technology.  Humanity is slowly losing its existence as people continue to adapt modernity and the nature that comes with it.

In this regard, to be a  human being is not only about having a heart, eyes, a face or being able to make use of different technologies. Being a human being is more about the deeper and more passionate nature of individuals. Being a human being is also about possessing and actually practicing the ability to know what is right and what is wrong, or being rational enough in ones thoughts and think deeply about the tangible things in life and the world. To be a human being is about finding own worth (Snoby, 2001). To be a human being is also about finding what is important, finding meaning in life and pursuing it to the end. To be a human being is to really live and thrive and build a society or a race.

What is Knowledge?

Knowledge is about being familiar, or being aware and understanding something or someone. It is about getting information, or acquiring information, skills, descriptions and facts through experience, learning, and education (Balserak, 2016). Knowledge is very important for human being as it defines who we are and what our purpose in life is all about. Knowledge is also important as it ensure that individual understand the nature of the world, and are able to add more about a theoretical and practical understanding of various subjects (Snoby, 2001)

Basis of the ethics

The basis of the ethics is meant to resolve different questions on human morality by looking at the different concepts like good and evil, vice and virtue, right and wrong or crime and justice.  Ethics is about intellectual inquiry, it looks at individual moral philosophy that is also related to other fields of descriptive ethics, moral psychology and value theory (Snoby, 2001).

Purpose of existence

The purpose of human existence should be looked from the view of the nature of the universe. When looked at it from the religious and scientific point of view, human beings exist to look over the world and other living things (Balserak, 2016). The purpose of existence thus to ensure that the universe is well protected and that the creation of God is watched over (Snoby, 2001). Human beings exist thus to serve the purpose of protecting the earth and to continue the nature of life.

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