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Women Health Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation ________________ Women He Women Health Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation ________________ Women Health Females undergo many health difficulties in their lifespan. This difficulty range from emotional to physical health challenges, their interactions with the medical system and their societal obligations. Statistics show that the population of male to female favors women. Thus, women are estimated to almost double men in population size (Rosa, Alexander & Bader, 2016). Therefore, females tend to be the major beneficiaries of health care system sound policies. For instance, females are not only the patients, but also the caregivers and representatives of their families when it comes to matters associated to the cost of health care, inadequate representation in outcomes of health and biomedical nature, and discrimination policies affecting them. Therefore, besides gender-specific conditions and sex, women expressions, and reactions to care management and medications varies a great extent from Men. Females are greatly prone to the diagnosis of certain health conditions and diseases such as autoimmune and terminal diseases as compared to their male counterparts. Studies have shown that the majority of females suffer from at least one chronic disease compared to males, thus, insinuating that male is at a lesser risk of contracting chronic diseases. Majorly, the attributing factors that lead to chronic diseases such as blood hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular ailments in females of age bearing category, are surging with this contemporary generation. In addition to the stated challenge discussed in the preceding paragraph, women also suffer from emotional and psychological conditions. These conditions are brought about by premenopausal depression. Thus, women practicing bi-sexual tendencies like lesbianism and gayism are at risk of facing healthcare challenges as compared to the general public, hence complicating women hea
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