How to Start a Nursing School Admission Essay

 How to Start a Nursing School Admission Essay

When you apply for a nursing program, an admission essay is essential because of it the place where applicants write about themselves and the reasons for eagerness to become a nurse. Most nursing students have no idea on how to start a nursing school admission essay. Stating that it has always been your interest to be a nurse is not enough. You should tell a personal story or experience that started the desire to be a nurse and the resulting qualities that make you ready to become a nurse.

You maximize the opportunity by writing a nursing essay that allows the admissions committee to know you better than grades and SAT scores from the beginning. A nursing school admission essay can increase or reduce your chances of joining an admission thus it requires you to prepare well for a perfect start.

Starting Steps to start Nursing School Admission Essay

1. Pick an interesting topic

How to Start a Nursing School Admission essay: you should have an interesting issue about your life to match the purpose of your admission essay which could be to persuade or inform. Research on the most intriguing topics relating to your life experiences that shape your suitability for nursing that will help you to notify the admissions committee about these qualities.

As you start, make sure you spend adequate time to evaluate your options and how to achieve them. If you want to educate, the best subject to write about is something you studied. If the intention is to persuade the reader, the topic you choose should be something you are passionate. Nonetheless, the topic you pick should be interesting to write whatever the mission.

Sometimes, a nursing school admission essay comes with a topic. The starting point is to consider the type of paper you plan to produce. You can write a general overview of the topic or a specific analysis. The admission essay can also be a narrow focus on a particular area.

2. Research on the topic

An essay should be a personal story, but if it will contain a personal experience of something in which you are not expert, it is essential to research and find accurate information. If for example, you want to show your passion for oncology nursing, you should investigate their day to day duties and overall role to patients and doctors.

3. Prepare an outline of how to present ideas

A successful way on how to start a nursing school admission essay is to organize thoughts for clear connecting and linking different ideas. Prepare an overview or draw a diagram to use when noting the ideas and organizing them. When creating an outline, write the topic at the top of the page and start it list the ideas leaving a space under each. List other smaller ideas relating to the main idea in this space. The listing helps to define the connections between ideas and the best way to organize them.

If you prefer to use a diagram, write your chosen topic in the middle of a page and draw 3-5 lines branching from off the topic. Put the main idea at the end of each line. Draw more lines from these main ideas including current thoughts on these ideas.

4. Write a thesis statement

A thesis statement informs the readers about the point that an admission essay makes. It comes after settling for the final topic and sorting ideas into relevant categories. A thesis statement has two essential parts. The first part reveals the topic while the second part explains the point of the nursing admission essay. For instance, you can write a thesis statement about universal healthcare and the impact on nursing. "Universal health care means more people will afford treatment thus creating a need to train more nurses to cater for the increase," can be your thesis statement to link the two.

5. Begin with writing the body

An introduction precedes the because it informs the readers about the focus of your admission essay. When writing the body, you can change or amend ideas hence the opening will not relate well to the discussion in the body. Start with the body and write about all thoughts in your outline or diagram with each in its separate section. Fill the spaces with relative information and link it to a smaller idea. It will be easier to write an introduction reflecting the discussion of the body after completing it. It should also tie up with the thesis statement.

Start nursing school admission essay early as it might require you to write several drafts to develop one that represents your ideas impeccably.

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