Leadership Strategies to improve outcomes

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LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE OUTCOMES LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE OUTCOMES Leadership Strategies to Improve Outcomes Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation ________________ Leadership Strategies to Improve Outcomes Over the years, provision of quality medical care has been a primary goal for all health organizations in the country. Moreover, employee satisfaction within the healthcare industry remains a common goal among such organizations in the contemporary society. In such a way, managers strive to enhance the satisfaction of workers and improve the quality of products and services within the health institutions. Chris faces various challenges as a new manager in a busy unit. High expenses, low morale, and high turnover rates among the employees are among the significant challenges faced by Chris. To mitigate such issues, the manager must adopt various team-based strategies (Willems, & Ingerfurth, 2018). The effects of human resource management on the satisfaction obtained by patients regarding the quality of care is evident in modern healthcare systems (Oppel, Winter, & Schreyögg 2017). Managers must be aware of the implication of such a decision on the satisfaction of the patient with the healthcare provider. Managers can also promote better communication among the various levels of management to enhance employee satisfaction. Indeed, better communication helps in resolving various challenges that face the workers. Consequently, the employees can work better since any issues are addressed accordingly. To obtain an excellent working environment, the manager must create an atmosphere of growth. In particular, the employees will have a chance to grow within the organization thus boosting morale (Rosak-Szyrocka, 2015). Moreover, the manager must promote social connection to improve the team spirit of the workers. As a result, the satisfaction of the patients will be enhanced accordi
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