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Sociology and Its Application Student’s Name University ________________ Sociology Sociology and Its Application Student’s Name University ________________ Sociology and Its Application The American Sociological Association defines sociology as the study of the society that focuses on the people, societies and the groups that exist in it. It is thus the exploration of the social changes that occur in the society by understanding the causes and consequences of these actions (American Association of Sociology, 2018). The main focus is human behavior as social beings through covering their association with others. By studying the society and patterns of social interaction or culture, social is a thus a social science that applies empirical research methods and critical analysis to understand how the society exists and the relationships that human beings make as social animals. Giddens, Duneier, & Applebaum (2007) add that the field of sociology is broad ranging from micro-sociology that focuses on the individual level and macro-sociology that addresses the social system and structures that exist in the society. This means that sociology is a field that studies the entire field of human interaction and human being as social animals. Sociological knowledge has been described as applying in every field of life since everything that exists in the society involves people. Chatterjee & Chatterjee (2015) suggest that the application of sociology in nursing starts with its endeavor to understand the social issues that influence relations and interactions. Since nurses interact with patients and their relatives at a personal level, then the nurse must have a proper perception of social situations that their patients are in to develop proper mechanisms of assisting patients to pull through (Stephen & Susan, 2009). This means that sociological knowledge is paramount in offering an enabling environment that allows both the individual and the professional to interact well. Medical situations present nurses with different sociological challenges
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