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NursFpx 6111 assessment 4

Create a PowerPoint presentation with 10-12 slides that proposes a systematic process for determining the effectiveness of the new course you have added to the nursing curriculum.

Course analytics are important in guiding the revision process as well as further development of your evaluation strategies and documentation. As a nursing educator, you must establish and maintain analytical data to demonstrate to your stakeholders that your course is meeting the learning and program outcomes in order to gain approval to move forward with the new course.

Program effectiveness depends not only on internal factors, but also on external factors. Course outcomes should be based on the program learning outcomes and placed in an evaluation plan. Program outcomes evaluate the effectiveness of the whole program and what your course will contribute to meeting these outcomes.

Create and record a PowerPoint presentation with 10–12 slides that proposes a systematic process for determining the effectiveness of the new course you have added to the nursing curriculum.

While you will not have access to real analytical data from real learners to show how the course is meeting the learning and program outcomes, you should still be able to use the formative feedback from the instructor you received for your earlier assessments, as well as scholarly research, to think critically about a process that could potentially guide improvement efforts for the nursing program in which the course is being hypothetically offered.


Creating a Presentation

Creating a presentation requires using some technology tools that you might not be familiar with. You can review the following library guide on using PowerPoint:

  • Capella University Library: PowerPoint Presentations.

Make sure your presentation contains the following slide headings and sections, which reflect critical elements that align with the grading criteria:

  • Title.
  • Purpose. Include the reasons for the presentation (1–2 slides).
  • Philosophical Approaches. Explain some of the major philosophical approaches to evaluation (2–3 slides).
  • Program Evaluation Process. Show the steps of the program evaluation process (2–3 slides).
  • Evaluation Design. Select and articulate an evaluation design, framework, or model for program evaluation (2–3 slides).
  • Program Improvement. Examine how data analysis can be used to foster ongoing program improvement (2–3 slides).
  • References. Include a minimum of eight sources, cited using current APA style and formatting.

Recording Your Presentation

In addition to creating a PowerPoint, record a 10–15 minute presentation for stakeholders that covers all of the main points from your PowerPoint.

Before starting to record your presentation, make sure you have done the following:

  • Set up and tested your microphone and headset using the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. You only need to use the headset if your audio is not clear or high quality when captured by the microphone.
  • Practice using the equipment to ensure the audio quality is sufficient.
  • Consult Using Kaltura for guidance on how to record your presentation and upload it in the courseroom.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint also allows you to record your narration with your slides. If you choose this option, simply submit your presentation to the appropriate area of the courseroom. Your narration will be included with your slides.
  • Remember to practice delivering and recording your presentation multiple times to ensure effective delivery.

Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in this activity, please contact Disability Services at DisabilityServices@Capella.edu to request accommodations.