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Patient Holistic Care Name Institutional Affiliation Objectives The objectives of this teaching Patient Holistic Care Name Institutional Affiliation Objectives The objectives of this teaching plan include: To ensure optimum physical, psychological, spiritual, cultural and social well-being state of the patient. To identify triggers that may positively or negatively affects the well-being of the patient. To identify evidence for prioritization of the preferences, choices, strengths and weaknesses of the patient. To initiate and encourage patient contribution towards holistic care plan. Goal 1: Physical Goal- increase physical activity (e.g. jogging, and pet walking) Content Why is physical activity is necessary for your state? Improves glycaemic control Prevents development of cardiovascular diseases and mortality (Hamasaki, 2016). Recommendations Moderate to vigorous e.g. by walking, or gardening. Assign/ find a caregiver to help in initiating and maintaining physical exercise. Psychological Goal- to improve memory Content Explain the occurrence of memory loss -MCI development is associated with cerebrovascular causes such as encephalopathies that result from cardiac, systemic and local vessel diseases (Jellinger, 2014). The static forms of the conditions, as opposed to progressive forms, are associated with vascular injuries such as the one suffered by during the stroke. Recommendation Assign cognitive activities and tests Social Goal- to appreciate social groups and get engaged in social activities Content Explain importance of social involvement- Integrate patient social preferences and choices Recommendations Local meetings by the elderly members from the locality Coffee evening with family members Cultural Goal- to adopt a health lifestyle Content Definition of a healthy lifestyle Components of a healthy lifestyle How to integrate patient’s cultural preferences and choices into a healthy lifestyle Recommendations Elements to consider as evidence-based practices for a healthy lifestyle Developmental Goal- to improve cognitive ability
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