HOLISTIC PATIENT ASSESSMENT HOLISTIC PATIENT ASSESSMENT Holistic Patient Assessment Name Institutional Affiliation ________________ Holistic Patient Assessment Introduction Holistic care in nursing involves a patient-centered and comprehensive approach to nursing. According to reviewed publications, holistic patient assessment and care recognizes the patient as a whole and acknowledges the interdependence that exists among the biological, psychological, spiritual and social aspects of the patient’s life. As a result, a holistic patient assessment and care involve comprehensive communication between the nurses and the patient or their caregivers (Zamanzadeh et al., 2015). Accordingly, this assignment aims to explore the case of a patient. The assignment focuses on carrying out and interpreting the patient’s holistic assessment that informs the designing of appropriate interventions and education to in form of a teaching plan. In presenting the patient case, the paper acknowledges matters pertaining to confidentiality as outlined in the Nursing and Midwifery Council standard and performance codes. As such the author appreciates the need for concealing the client’s real identity and instead refers to the patient as Patient G. Part 1: Holistic Assessment Health History Patient G, a 70-year-old, lives with his family in the suburbs of their city and recently retired due to ill-health. Prior to his retirement, the patient fell when executing duties at the company suffering a fracture of the hip bone. The condition forced him to the surgical operation of the hip and subsequently led him to retirement. The fall incidence and the resulting treatment period has seen his health get worse. He has been subsequently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypertension. 3 years ago he suffered a stroke and his family has occasionally had a general practitioner attend to him for me