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Type: Essay

Subject: Health Policy Residency

Subject area: Nursing

Education Level: Masters Program

Length: 1 pages

Referencing style: APA

Preferred English: US English

Spacing Option: DoubleTitle: Scope of Practice and Patient’s Healthcare Accessibility

Instructions: requirements: discuss your state np community in terms of scope of practice. include the your state’s scope of practice for nps including: level of independence of practice **in california, nps are required to practice under standardized procedure guidelines. if ca is your intended practice state, please provide details on how standardized procedures guidelines are developed in california and an example of a california spg. prescribing authority any limitations of practice process for obtaining licensure in your state certification and education requirements for licensure. if you live in a restricted or reduced practice state, how has patient care been impacted in your local community from these barriers? for instance, is the ed used for primary care? are the eds overcrowded with long wait times? are there urgent care clinics readily available? is there adequate access to primary care? if you live in a full practice, how has independent practice of the apn resulted in improved patient access to healthcare? how does access to nps impacts any healthcare disparities? a scholarly resource must be used for each discussion question each week.

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Focus: the state of practice is florida

Scope of Practice and Patient’s Healthcare Accessibility


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Scope of Practice and Patient’s Healthcare Accessibility

Patient care in the local communities have been significantly impacted given that the nurse practitioners are overwhelmed since there not well remunerated accordingly. Currently in the United State, the Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners (ANS) reports that there more than 18,000 nurse practitioners and more than 400 nurse practitioners graduates every years. In this case NPs (Lugo et al., 2017). In the Florida have the ability to save the finical potential of the city if they have the capability to practice in their full scope of certification and training. Additionally Florida’s standards of NP to practise in their full potential exposes them to challenges of patients’ population, particularly individuals receiving Medicaid and Medicare services in the rural area (Muench et al., 2020).Nonetheless these limitations increase the cost of care which they cannot afford. Based on the severity of patient’s condition, he/ she may be overwhelmed or not based on the wait time. Various ED clinics exist in Florida such as the Florida ED treatment centre,  Sand lake Commons Blvd and Nicole Eisenbrown centre where readily and affordable primary care survives especially on EDs are provided (Hain & Fleck, 2018).

An independent practice of an APN at the various urgent ED can improve the patient’s access to healthcare  in  that they provide diagnosis, testing and treatment options for all affected and infected patients. Moreover, the patient’s acceptability and access to NPs healthcare professionals can either affects their disparities positively or negatively.   Patients in need of care will always present their case balankly (Muench et al., 2020).


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