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Does screening for breast cancer really work?

Does screening for breast cancer really work?

Women from the age of 40 and above are encouraged to take a breast screening exam, also known as a mammogram, which are x-rays of the breast. For the women between the ages of 40-54 should have a test done annually if they wish. Those who are older than 55 should do a mammogram every 2 years, or continue the preferred yearly screening.

The purpose of a mammogram is to check for cancerous tumors in the breast, any signs and symptoms before it becomes dangerous. As a precautionary, women may prefer to go to different health facilities for the best results. Since cancer is a very serious disease, women who suspect they may have cancerous tumors or are in fear because of their family history, they may go the extra mile to ensure their safety. As well as for peace of mind.

Mammograms are done to treat the breast cancer early before the individual can start feeling the symptoms. Having a regular mammogram check will lower the risk of a woman from dying from breast cancer through early detection. It is also currently the best way to detect breast cancer. There is the other option of using the breast MRI to detect breast cancer. MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging, and it works by using magnets and radio waves to take pictures of the breast for examination. This method is especially used for women who are determined to be at high risk for getting breast cancer. This clearly shows that performing a mammogram does help women to treat breast cancer in the early stages and avoid a lot of pain including financial strain for treatments. Cancer is a difficult disease that often takes a toll on the patient as well as their family deeply.

They watch as their loved one continues to deteriorate in health and undergo painful procedures with no guarantee of going into remission for good, or even for the pain to subside. Cancer patients often lose weight and hair due to the cancer treatments. Chemotherapy is a dire procedure because it ravages the body while trying to eliminate the free radicals associated with cancer. It is a horrible disease to endure and even watch the progress.

If you prefer to perform the exam at home then the way to do it is to place a pillow under your right shoulder. Then place your right behind your head. Using your left-hand lift and move the pads of your fingers, with your fingertips to move around your breast gently. Do this slowly paying close attention to what you are feeling. Make small circular motions and cover the entire breast with this movement and also by the armpit. You can also use light medium or firm pressure while performing the examination. Finally, squeeze the nipple to check for discharge and lumps.

If this is more comfortable for you, you can perform a home check regularly. It is an inexpensive method, but just to make sure that you are indeed getting the correct results, visit the hospital to be sure by undergoing a mammogram. Some of the eight warning signs experienced when one has breast cancer include swelling of the breast, the feeling of a lump or a hard know. One may also feel warmth in the breast and a darkening or redness in color on the breast.

A lump that persists in your breast or underarm especially after your menstrual cycle is a cause for alarm. This is usually the first apparent symptom of breast cancer. These lumps are usually painless but some may cause a prickly sensation and they are visible on the mammogram. For women, self-care is very important. Women especially mothers and career women tend to neglect their own care while focusing on the family, or performing better at work. However, putting yourself in some situations will save you heartache if we allow ourselves some care.