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Do male nurses get paid more than female nurses

Do male nurses get paid more than female nurses

Nursing is a profession that is always chosen by many women compared to the male counterparts. It is, however, clear that men earn higher to figures of up to six thousand dollars per year than their female counterparts. This is according to a new survey carried out by the Nursing Salary Research shows that more than four thousand five hundred nurses are in it. The report, which included registered nurses from all the fifty states, showed that men earn an average of $79,688 compared to $73,090 for women, which makes up about twelve percent of the United States Nursing workforce.

Robert Hess Jr. pointed out how even taking into account the total hours worked, years of nursing experience such as age, education level, and certification status, it is still obvious that men are still making more money than women. Executive Vice president and chief clinical executive in a statement about how salary is the most important factor for nurses across all demographics shared the same sentiments above. It is a growing trend that is not only seen in the nursing sector but also in the healthcare industry. There is usually a double-digit percentage difference between women and the men.

Medscape and HIMSS also conducted research and submitted reports where it revealed the number of male primary physicians that earned nearly eighteen percent more than their female counterparts. The same report also showed the percentage of what men in specialties earned compared to the women this year. An average of $358,000 versus $263,000 for women was evidence that a gap of more than $100,000 is visible.

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The new had a number of commentaries such as Brent MacWilliams who is the president of the American Association for men in nursing who wanted to see a change in the gender pay gap. He echoed how men have grown towards higher pay rises with more specialties that are higher paying. The survey showed how men have more salaries than women doing the same level of job and work. He wanted more corporations to assess their workforce and raise some of the staffs’ salaries creating equality.

The other aspect of earnings, which is important, is that more men are likely to negotiate their salaries and only thirty-four percent of the women do so which many believe counts for the pay gap that is witnessed in many healthcare facilities and the professions. Fifty percent of the respondents through research is done said that pursuing higher education or training to boost salary was a goal by most of them. The other way is for female nurses to attain professional certifications so they can close the salary gap. However, some of the survey results showed men with specialty certifications had more salary than certified female nurses which was still a gap though not a larger one.

The gender pay gap between male and female doctors as from the report released by Doximity in March 2017 of the Physician compensation was clear that female doctors were earning less than their male counterparts were. The disparity, however, shows a rise from the year 2016 where female doctors earned less by 26.5% which again no medical specialty to which men earned more.