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What are some things nurses know that others don't?

What are some things nurses know that others don't?

A lot of students are becoming more interested in nursing as a career. Today, it has evolved as the role nurses used to play in the past has changed over time. Nurses these days are taking challenging roles than what they had been used to in the past and are beginning to become more specialized compared to the past. The field of nursing has generally grown to introduce more areas than what used to be a few years ago. These days, specialties like medical-surgery nurses, labor, delivery, psychiatric, pediatric have been introduced by most institutions teaching nursing to ensure they have the right skills after leaving nursing school.

In the past, nurses were only subjected to care for their patients. The role today has shifted in recent years as they have more responsibilities and most respected in being part of the medical team. Their activities include assessing a patient’s condition to make informed decisions on the results received. Nurses are primary caregivers and so, they try to treat their patients like family since the normal patient spends more time with them than with physicians or doctors.

Nurses can relay information to patients that will help to better understand the treatment that they will undergo during their stay at the health facility. They can understand the diagnosis given and are also able to speak on the patient’s behalf regarding the treatment administered by the physician.

They show unconditional love for their jobs through dedication. It is shown by the inner drive to want to show a difference in the life of another person. Although the work they do looks like a normal routing, they are always motivated everyday when coming to work. One can get this motivation from inspirational talks from either your doctor, family members, having a chronic hunger for knowledge with unmatched feeling to help others and being committed to the profession.

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One may think that nurses report to physicians, but this is not the case. They are not subordinates to doctors and collaborate with other healthcare providers challenging physicians when it is in their patients’ best interests to do it.

Nurses get to care for many vulnerable people during their times of need. Always setting up new goals and actively trying to achieve them by taking on new challenges every day. They have busy schedules of up to twelve hours a day doing a lot of overtime work. Most of them are attached to patients convincing them to embrace psychiatric help when required.

Many nurses also fight for more healthcare systems and advocate higher staffing levels in ensuring better care for their patients. They are vital people to hospitals as they are the first to stop fatal errors, assist in the identification of important symptoms that some physicians may have missed, have a jurisdiction to report any unsafe, unethical, disorderly behavior to the relevant authorities. They also work in every field that one may think of, i.e. Urgent care facilities, rural towns, old-age care centers etc. most schools prepare nursing students to work on a variety of things to have a clear view of what is required of them on every field.

Apart from doing their normal routines, nurses also offer talks and advice to extremely sick patients. They persuade them by explaining how life is worth fighting for and to never give up and constantly providing health services to people in disadvantaged communities.

Research is fundamental to most health facilities. A new type of medications is manufactured daily to try and curb the ever-growing list of new diseases that affect a lot of people. It is widely thought that this type of researchersis only done by physicians which are wrong as nurses also participate in this kind of work and shaping for better health policies.