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Analysis of Nursing Career Choice

Career choice nursing essay

Many people get dissatisfaction with their career choices. Career choice is very important because it is the ultimate decision for one's life based on the kind of profession one chooses. When choosing a career path, one should always choose a career that matches their self-interests to avoid being overwhelmed and also it will be a source of encouragement since one will be doing what interests them the most and also a choice based on their strengths and weaknesses.

When choosing a career path, it is very important to follow ones passion because that will be what makes you have determination in your daily endeavors in the working environment.

A good career choice will enable you to have the urge and interest and at all times ready to seek further knowledge based on the same field of study in case of any upcoming advancements in that particular field. Such as technological advancement or even in other cases of pandemics and epidemics that require a quick shift of how things are to be handled in terms of prevention, diagnosis, care, tests and treatments.

When one chooses to seek a degree in nursing, one should know that it is very wide, with different kinds of programs such as midwifery nurses, oncology nurses, orthopaedic nurses, bedside nurses, surgery nurses and many others. Most fear choosing careers due to the fear of not growing, but in nursing, one can be a chief nursing officer or even a clinical nurse manager. There is always room for a learning experience if you have a mentor or even physicians who give chances of training about new things every day.

Why choose a career in nursing?


  • Nurses save lives and this makes a heroic difference and a real difference in our society to people in need, they make sure patients are being taken care of well making sure that they administer the required medication and anything else that a patient might need.
  • There are always going to be job opportunities in the nursing field. This is because of a rapidly growing population, the demand to care for people increases as well. In times of emergencies such as pandemics, nurses are required in such high demand to help in saving lives.
  • A nursing degree does not take long to complete, many nurses have job satisfaction because most do it out of passion. Also, there is room for growth professionally. As a nurse, you can work in institutions as well, not necessarily a medical hospital, government projects or even in bedside care home facilities.
  • In this field of study, you can be assured that you will learn a whole range of new skills. The diversity that comes with the field is just magnificent. Different skills such as; human biology, rehabilitation centers nurses, midwifery, pediatric nurses and also mental health care nurses all provide great opportunities to nurses.
  • As far as any career is involved, nursing is one of the most stable careers among others. This is because medical care is a basic requirement and people are always going to need medical attention in addition to the high career prospects that come along with it.

How will I write my career choice essay?

Considering this is something you would have chosen when you decide to write a nursing choice career essay, you would want the best writers to work on it. This is because as easy as it seems, you will require skills to push the agenda to derive meaning and passion at the same time. Nursing develops unique relationships with people and it only makes sense if it is done professionally. The following are some of the reasons why you should have a career choice essay done professionally:

  • They will give you ways in which you can describe and present your information in a way that is not overworked and something that brings out the uniqueness hence being effective.

  • Hiring a professional writer will provide another pair of eyes to identify mistakes as well as sentences that cannot be understood.

  • A writer can identify exactly what is missing in a paper. This will allow you to be thorough while writing a career choice paper. This will help describe what you cannot nor have the skill and knowledge to write professionally.

A nursing career can have several setbacks: Long working hours due to report writing and some of the nurses even work for 15-hour shifts and can take a toll on both physical and mental health. Also, junior nurses have to work more that includes holidays and long nights.