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Nursing homes are care facilities for a person that has had a recent inpatient stay at a hospital or a healthcare facility. It is beneficial to patients who have had recent medication changes and are in need of some guidance related to potential side effects monitoring ensuring effective medication. Many patients visiting these homes require help with cleaning their houses, doing their laundry, transportation to go see a doctor concerning appointments. Home care can also benefit patients on a short-term basis. For example, those who have had a recent surgery can greatly benefit from these health care services.

Most of these facilities have nurses who are the primary caregivers. They play a vital role in the caring for our loved ones though have tight schedules. Many are equipped with latest skills required in psychiatry, pediatrics, labor, as they are now teaching that in most learning institutions ensuring nurses are prepared with the right skills after completion.

A majority of people who stay in these facilities are the elderly. Staff who reside there are care parents in most facilities as their individual responsibilities are the first vital skill they possess when they begin learning. Many of the patients suffer from serious health problems. Juggling one’s emotions and the physical pressures to care and treat patients are some but of the few responsibilities, they should possess. Nursing homes are vital to the elderly community as they provide 24 hrs 7 days a week nursing care to the elderly. These homes also provide short-term stays for other patients with illnesses or injuries, those coming out of surgery, others who require therapy be it physical or occupational.

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Many people knew nursing homes back when they were poorhouses or almshouses, which first came into existence in the US after the first English settlers, settled in their country in the Seventeenth Century. At that time, they housed the poor, elderly, mentally ill and the orphans because they did not have a place to sleep nor eat.

Nurses in these facilities require to have done a national licensing exam and pass before they can begin working. So, what are the benefits of having your elderly or patient living here?


1. These facilities offer safety to the patients. Ensures patients do not engage themselves in dangerous activities.

2. Care by the staff on duty as nurses are on standby twenty-four hours seven days a week.

3. Patients also have the privilege of choosing their own rooms, furniture, etc.

4. Nutritional care with regular meals provided for on a daily basis.

5. Nursing homes offer peace of mind to most families as they can rest easy knowing that their parents or relatives and are not lonely as nurses are taking care of them.

It is highly noted that living costs for the elderly are growing rapidly. The cost of care can cripple a family financially without correctly for future planning. To minimize straining, planning is vital whether you are to procure the services today, next month or even after two years to come. Having an insurance cover generally makes it easy as the provider covers the costs. The average cost for a private nursing home room in the year 2016 cost around $92,376 annually, which is damn expensive! Costs vary depending from person to person, the geographical area of the nursing facility, costs per day etc. If you cannot manage such a payment plan, then Medicare is a necessity, as it will cover at least a portion of the stay. A Medicaid is also another option if the costs of a stay exhaust their assets.