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Why Become A Nurse Essay

My dream to become a nurse essay

A nurse is a lifesaver, a person who is always on the frontline when patients arrive in a medical facility, or with any encounter with a patient in any area, to deal with life and death situations and everything else in between. A nurse’s responsibility is to assist doctors in providing care and advice to patients and educate them on different medical conditions as well as giving a patient’s condition status information to the family. 

Care administration is a very important and vital process to a patient because it will determine the time frame to which the patient will recover from a given procedure or after a diagnosis. For example, a patient will have a diagnosis from a doctor, get prescribed medication for the treatment but the nurse will be there to follow through on how the patient is doing and his recovery. 

For someone to become a nurse, one will need a degree. A nurse may have different responsibilities in a medical facility some of which include:

  • Checking the vital signs of a patient brought in.
  • Coordinate the administering of patients care with other health care specialists.

  • Conduct tests and physical exams.

  • Listening to patients and providing to their emotional and physical needs

  • Provide patients with counseling services and be up to date with any current and upcoming medications and health care options.

Why become a nurse?

Nurses take pride in their career because they have the opportunity to make an impact in the community and on individuals positively and it is worth it because they save lives. More reasons why one should become a nurse is because, for the most part, nurses are treated with the utmost respect by both the patients and patients’ families and the health care specialists/physicians. The following are some of the reasons why you should become a nurse:

  • A nursing career has a variety of specialties in that one can choose any that interests them the most. Some of these specialities are working in emergency rooms, in labor wards, dealing with psychiatric patients, oncology nurses and the list continues, you will just need to find the right path. A good thing about becoming a nurse is that you can train for more than one speciality thus being beneficial to you.
  • Nursing career is among the careers that promise job security and a good wage, in that when a nurse decides to further their studies for instance choose to go for a degree the salary bracket increases.

  • A nurse will always be an individual who will always be respected this is because nurses are known to be compassionate and that is a reputation they have long held in the long run. Nurses are known to be honest and this has made them be trusted by patients therefore easy for patients to entrust them with their problems.

  • As a nurse it is very exciting because the kind of work they do does not require them to sit at a desk all day, instead, nurses are always on their feet working with a team of healthcare providers therefore every day is a challenge meeting with patients with different kinds of conditions thus this profession being exciting.

  • A nursing degree is very accessible and almost all countries offer nursing diplomas as well as BSN (nursing degree) basically in two or fewer years. Some institutions also provide online courses therefore anyone willing to pursue a nursing career can finish in their own time.

  • Nurses spend a lot of time with their patients so they act as their advocates by providing unique understanding into their patients' needs and concerns and behaviours as well the role of advocacy can be used in different ways such as when a family member needs to know important details which do not reflect in a patients chat a nurse will be there to uncover the detail.

How can I become a nurse?

As mentioned above we have several practitioner programs and these programs train nurses to serve any speciality that gives Primary Care to patients and focus on a specific population to promote health and prevent diseases. Some nurses choose to be general nurse practitioners who then choose to specialise in a specific group. This means the nurse will attend to a certain type of population therefore they would need a specific area of speciality. These specialities include:

  • Neonatal nurse practitioner
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner

  • Orthopaedic nurse practitioner

  • Women's health nurse practitioner

  • Aesthetic nurse practitioner 

  • Oncology nurse practitioner

The above-mentioned programs will help you identify which speciality you will need to pursue depending on the kind of interest you have. Selecting one  is not easy but working on what drives you will guide you to the right path.

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