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Schools That Teach Nursing  In Spanish

Schools That Teach Nursing In Spanish

Spanish is the Spain's national language but has speakers on all continents. Nowadays students can learn to nurse in Spanish.

International schools that teach nursing in Spanish

Illinois Wesleyan

Illinois Wesleyan offers a Bachelor of Science in nursing degree with a Hispanic minor. It is a six-course minor that include studies in language literature and culture. The department of Hispanic studies prepares the coursework. Students learn a Spanish medical course where they put cultural and language skills to use in professional like context. Members of the faculty prepare students to provide cultural-friendly nursing care. The study of the Spanish language is one of the ways that helps nursing students to meet cultural difference challenge.

Students who take BSN program with a Hispanic minor at Illinois Wesleyan learn early to among Hispanic community by spending time every week at a local health center. They work with Spanish-speaking residents to practice specialized vocabulary for public health issues and body systems.

University CEU-Cardenal Herrera

This university offers bilingual training in English/Spanish. Knowledge of the second language in the defined areas of nursing studies confers students some additional competence and other competitiveness for job opportunities in the market. The increase in globalization of services has made English and Spanish to be a means of communication is more countries. Hospitals and other care facilities have adopted the use of these languages and continually seek to employ nurses who can speak both.

University CEU-Cardenal Herrera trains nurses to become competent from the beginning by finding top professionals in the sector to share their experiences and apply them to their class and clinical practicums.

Institute for Spanish language studies (ISLS)

ISLS offers a custom nursing Spanish program it devotes solely to nursing students. It also has programs for practicing nurses and other medical professionals with interest to pursue medical Spanish from a nursing perspective. It is a credible program with accreditation for Continuing Education credits from the state California. Nursing boards from all other US states accept this credit thus a nurse from ISLS can work anywhere.

The nursing programs locations are at Arenal's Costa Rica campus and Turrialba.

The goal of these schools that teach nursing in Spanish is to develop language abilities by nurses at their workplaces. They have 4 hour per day of Spanish lessons split into nine levels according to individual proficiency.

Medical lessons accommodate a student with all levels of Spanish ability. They teach medical terminology and communication skills in Spanish. Other relating medical activities supplement class time. Additional nursing Spanish programs make up five hours of medical lessons, patient interviews, and lessons in mock clinics.

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University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is a well-established university. It has one of the best global rankings and recognitions for meeting the growing need for globalizations. One of the ways is to train nurses in Spanish.

In addition to Spanish, A BSN program provides students with a general qualification in promoting health, disease prevention, treatment and all other essential skills that enable them to work with other health care professionals.

The university enhances the ability of the student to practice nursing in Spanish by taking them for placements at various medical centers to practice their classroom learning and experience in other professional contexts. At the end of their programs, Nursing in Spanish, students are ready to start working or admission for post graduate studies

Saint Louis University (SLU)

Saint Louis University Madrid University offers opportunities for students who intend to practice abroad to study nursing and language as part of humanities, arts and sciences schedule.

The university’s school of nursing is one of the foremost in Spain. It was founded in 1928 and always has innovative programs to match career needs. In addition to undergraduate BSN degree, it offers graduate level education for students to pursue Masters and Doctoral (both DNP and Ph.D.) degrees.

SLU Ph.D. faculty members give individualized attention to students. They also ensure that leaners go for clinical experiences in unique settings that develop their cultural competence, nursing and cross-cultural, communication abilities.

The number of schools that teach nursing in Spanish is increasing providing more learning opportunities for nurses to become bilingual professionals.