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Six Important Cs for Nursing Practice

Six Important Cs for Nursing Practice

During care for the patients, it is important for the nurses to observe these six Cs as they are essential in helping them to offer quality service that enables their patients to recuperate and get satisfaction. The Cs that guide nurses in their duties are:


Care is the core business of nursing as it helps individual patients and the whole community to improve its health. Caring defines nursing and any person who receives it expects it to be the best for them through each stage of life. Care means treating patients well in a non-judgmental and respectful way. A nurse should first consider the dignity and beliefs for the patients to feel that they can trust you to deliver safe and high standard care.


Compassion is the method of giving a care in an empathetic, respectful and dignified relationship for it to be considered as compassionate. You can also describe it as an intelligent kindness which is central to the way people perceive care. The word has its origin in Latin language meaning co-suffering.

It is an emotion with more involvement that just empathy that someone feels in reaction to suffering by another person or people motivating a desire to help. Intelligent Kindness is another way to describe compassion. Nursing requires more compassion than any other profession as it involves caring for ailing persons no matter your specialty. It is this character that makes patients you serve to remember because of empathizing with their situation and treating them to their satisfaction.


Good communication is crucial for nursing and any medical profession as it is the key to caring relationships. It is impossible to help a patient if you do not understand what their condition. These days people travel widely and society has become multi-cultural hence it is important to communicate with patients is a sensitive and precise language they understand.

Good communication also requires that you be a good listener. It comes in handy when talking with colleagues for you to know what they want. The information you pass to them should be clear and concise. Your communication should also be perfect in written form. When writing patient records and other medication, it is essential that you write in a legible and accurate.

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Nursing requires constant updating of skills and knowledge for you to stay up to date with latest practices. Competency in nursing also requires you to know your limits so that you only undertake work in which you feel confident. If something is beyond your capability, you should ask for help. Employers are particularly keen on skills of their nurses. It is the reason they regularly review the performance by their nursing staff and take them for regular training sessions.


When providing healthcare, there are some days when you have to deals with patients suffering from severe conditions. As much as you want to empathize with them, it is essential that you are brave enough to gain mental strength and confront the difficulty then decide what is right. Sometimes you may have to stick by what you believe is right which may not please some of the colleagues who would like to bully you into accepting their opinion. Remember that you are going to be accountable for any actions you engage in and you the duty to give the best to your patient.


The public has much respect for nurses even when they are off duty. The must do the best to be good role models. Commitment to patients and community is a cornerstone for nursing. It is essential to building responsibilities that contribute to improving patient care and experience. It is also for a nurse to be committed to their code of conduct as it is also paramount to meet the targets of their supervisors and employers.

Commitment to learning new strategies is also essential in improving skills that enable you to handle the medical challenges ahead.

Nursing is an enormous responsibility. The above six Cs helps you to excel in your profession.