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The role of psychological skills in the nursing practice


Psychology is described as the scientific study of the behavior and mental process of a person. Behavior includes all the outward actions and reactions such as talking, facial expressions whereas mental process refers to all the internal activities in our minds. They include thinking, remembering, etc. It seeks to get to know why people think and feel the way they do. Maybe through as an individual or a group in all the living areas.

The Royal College defines nursing as the use of clinical judgment in the provision of care enabling people to maintain, improve, recover health or to cope with health problems to achieve the best possible quality of life whatever their disease or disability till death.

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Psychology seeks to understand why people behave the way they do. The role of psychology in nursing is that they both seek to understand the health needs of the people and change how they behave, think of enhancing their well-being of a person in the future.

Training is an important part of many European healthcare services and is always a way of improving care quality. Many nurses go through it to improve and better assist in the application of better services to the patients. nurses require psychological skills to better know how to treat and care for patients that have psychological issues. Applying these models helps many nurses than rather using your common sense. Many psychological patients require physiotherapy which helps in rehabilitating patients by making them take an active part in the return to their normal bodily function.

Nurses perform various important tasks that help care for their patients. This involves interacting with a diverse range of patients from different backgrounds that allow nurses to train for skills that help with the tools one requires as a healthcare profession. The main mission of nurses is to provide the best available care in an accurate way of identifying any mental issues that the patient may have.

Injuries bring a wide range of emotions to patients. it is why patient care is always the focus towards the attainment of a nursing degree. Nurses are better equipped to understanding the emotions and pain that follows injury is experienced. Many patients display their emotions by either becoming depressed or angry about their health.

Research has shown that having the right positive attitude and way of thinking reduces the recovery time of patients by enhancing the sense of healing to ill patients. patient care requires more than simply giving out medications and care. It is known that medications and personal care are some of the skillsets that are key to the provision of good quality healthcare. Having psychological skills provides a nurse with the information that is needed to better offer care to the patients.

Another importance of psychology in nursing is that nurses with psychological skills can help patients cope with changes by offering them a belief in how they can manage and control their life. The nurses will take their time and will seek to research on what may bring a loss so that they can deliver informed counseling that helps patients come out from their grief.

Nurses who have psychological skills are welcome in the health industry. These two fields, i.e. Nursing and psychology are interrelated to each other as both have their primary focus.