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Tips for Writing Medical School Application Essay

Tips for Writing Medical School Application Essay

A medical application also an admissions essay is a type of essay that students write as part of the application documents to a medical school. The applicant may have an option of choosing the topic or get a specific question to answer. It is a brief essay explaining the reasons for your professional goals, the suitability of the program and the medical school you are applying in achieving your ambitions.

An application essay gives you more freedom to narrate your character, background, qualifications and demonstrate your writing ability to the admission committee. You should take this opportunity to write a medical school application essay that acts as your sales pitch because is the admission committees does not get an interest to know you more from the beginning, your application is unlikely to be a success.

You should impress the reader by showing that you have the following.

Ability to study and work

Although you submit copies of your academic transcripts, you should briefly bring high test scores, excellent transcript and sampling of clinical research/work to the attention of admissions committee. It is essential to show that you have got the intellectual ability and knowledge on how to succeed.

You will make a good doctor

You should emphatically demonstrate your passion and abilities to become a doctor in your application essay. Your letters of recommendation can mention this, but the admissions committee wants to hear this from you. An outline of your abilities helps to show your confidence in the abilities. Mention any experience you have in medicine because it gives you an advantage. If your experience is a long list, mention the most significant and list the other engagements that got you experience on your resume.

Belief in the med school’s mission

A medical school application should indicate the factors that guide the vision of a medical school are issues you regard to be significant. You should show commitment to the mission of a medical school such as serving underprivileged communities or osteopathy. An application essay should also demonstrate that you prescribe to the values by the medical school.

Ability to add value to medical school and profession

A belief that makes a foundation of admissions is that the past behavior will influence your future actions. The interest of medical school is to admit students who are going to be active participants in their communities and alumni that make the institution proud.

It is essential to show that in the past you have been active in activities relating to the values adored by the medical school you are applying to join. You will need to include information about events that you regard as average but could be the line that separates you from other applicants. These include extracurricular and volunteering activities in your local community. It is a pointer that you are compassionate or you can work in a team. Similarly, you can show your passion for continuing with your contribution to medical advancement if you already engage in a role within the profession such as medical research. Remember to explain your role and achievements in such activity when writing the application.

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Qualities of Good Medical School Application Essay

After writing an application essay that showcases your qualities and qualifications, take time to proofread and determine if it matches these expectations by the admissions committee.

Provides new information

An application essay should reveal the personality by an applicant without repeating the information that is in other sections. If there is a reason to include information in other parts of your application you should write from a different angle. Avoid repeating same descriptions and sentences and instead reframe them.

A balance of personal and professional information

A balanced med school application essay will show you as a well-qualified and accomplished applicant. You will sound like a robot if your application essay is very professional or you will seem to be a snob and lack professional skills by sharing too much detail and personal information.


Many experiences can motivate you to join a career in medicine. Being honest is essential. Lying is wrong, unethical and the information you provide will be inconsistent which could be a reason for rejection of your application. A frank admission essay allows you to reason effortlessly and write a compelling piece when you struggle to write about an incorrect reason as your motivation for applying to a medical school.

If the admissions committee provides some guidelines, double check your application essay to ensure that it adheres to the rules before you submit.