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The world today is increasingly changing as technology keeps on evolving. Everyone including doctors, physicians, and even nurses are living in a digital world and, therefore, must keep up with the digital medical applications that are transforming the medical world.

After the launch of the modern smartphone in the year 2006, medical applications have become universal in both clinical practice and education. Despite the lack of a formal evidence base, many see mobile technology as being an integral part of future health care. A recent study done by Wolf and others involving assessing the effectiveness of commercially available smartphone applications designed to assess melanoma risk of suspicious skin lesions highlights this problem. Their findings illustrate that there is an existing variability in applications currently available to patients and clinicians. Their investigations into the accuracy of these applications in mobile devices are extremely high despite the lack of a formal US Food and Drug Administration regulation.

Research into the usefulness and safety of medical applications is vital given the inconsistency of medical applications currently available. These applications need to require a rigorous evaluation of the clinical tools which may bring unintended consequences if a background check is not performed.

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Mobile applications that claim to make diagnosis need to be properly evaluated. Future research should include efficiency in the achievement of the stated objective. This will help guide development of better research which is needed to determine the levels of sensitivity for the applications to be safe.

Some of the advantages of the medical applications are the rapid growth at which the development of both individual applications and the current technology. Many of the clinical trials that we have run the risk of irrelevancy soon as it will be more of internet-based medication or evidence-based.

Medical applications are software programs that run on smartphones and other mobile communication devices. They can also be accessories that attach to a smartphone or other mobile communication devices or a combination of accessories and software.

Medical applications are software’s installed on medical devices known as mobile apps. Consumers use these medical applications to manage their own health and wellness, such as monitoring their caloric intake for weight maintenance.

The National Institutes of Health’s LactMed app provides nursing mothers with information about the effects of medicines on breast milk and nursing infants.

Various applications aim at helping professionals to further improve and facilitate patient care. One example is the Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM) application that offers health care providers guidance on diagnosing and treating radiation injuries. Technology has made it easy for all this to be possible. Some mobile medical apps can even diagnose cancer or heart rhythm. mHealth is one popular application that is used by both patients and doctors. It adopts a health track by measuring and tracking your fitness to which physicians can use the data in their diagnosis. Epocrates is also another application that physicians and doctors use to search for drug-related information and interactions. It helps single out providers that will help with consultation and referrals and quickly calculate patient measurements such as BMI.

PEPID is another different application that doctors use to diagnose symptoms faster by suggesting the possible ailments and treatments. This is possible through the physical examinations that have nurses perform including results from the laboratory. In the application, there are a hundred reference videos that show clinical procedures and notifications that help you to be informed about the latest new procedures.

Medscape is a reference tool that most doctors and physicians use to look up for drug information plus catch up on medical news. All these applications are approved by the FDA as they are regulated to ensure safety and effectiveness of other medical devices.