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Analysis of Nursing Career Choice

Career choice essay nursing

Many people get dissatisfaction with their career choices. Career choice is very important because it is the ultimate decision for one's life based on the kind of profession one chooses. When choosing a career path, one should always choose a career that matches their self-interests to avoid being overwhelmed and also it will be a source of encouragement since one will be doing what interests them the most and also a choice based on their strengths and weaknesses.

When choosing a career path, it is very important to follow ones passion because that will be what makes you have determination in your daily endeavors in the working environment.

A good career choice will enable you to have the urge and interest and at all times ready to seek further knowledge based on the same field of study in case of any upcoming advancements in that particular field. Such as technological advancement or even in other cases of pandemics and epidemics that require a quick shift of how things are to be handled in terms of prevention, diagnosis, care, tests and treatments.

When one chooses to seek a degree in nursing, one should know that it is very wide, with different kinds of programs such as midwifery nurses, oncology nurses, orthopaedic nurses, bedside nurses, surgery nurses and many others. Most fear choosing careers due to the fear of not growing, but in nursing, one can be a chief nursing officer or even a clinical nurse manager. There is always room for a learning experience if you have a mentor or even physicians who give chances of training about new things every day.

Why choose a career in nursing?

  • Nurses save lives and this makes a heroic difference and a real difference in our society to people in need, they make sure patients are being taken care of well making sure that they administer the required medication and anything else that a patient might need.
  • There are always going to be job opportunities in the nursing field. This is because of a rapidly growing population, the demand to care for people increases as well. In times of emergencies such as pandemics, nurses are required in such high demand to help in saving lives.
  • A nursing degree does not take long to complete, many nurses have job satisfaction because most do it out of passion. Also, there is room for growth professionally. As a nurse, you can work in institutions as well, not necessarily a medical hospital, government projects or even in bedside care home facilities.
  • In this field of study, you can be assured that you will learn a whole range of new skills. The diversity that comes with the field is just magnificent. Different skills such as; human biology, rehabilitation centers nurses, midwifery, pediatric nurses and also mental health care nurses all provide great opportunities to nurses.
  • As far as any career is involved, nursing is one of the most stable careers among others. This is because medical care is a basic requirement and people are always going to need medical attention in addition to the high career prospects that come along with it.

How will I write my career choice essay?

Considering this is something you would have chosen when you decide to write a nursing choice career essay, you would want the best writers to work on it. This is because as easy as it seems, you will require skills to push the agenda to derive meaning and passion at the same time. Nursing develops unique relationships with people and it only makes sense if it is done professionally. The following are some of the reasons why you should have a career choice essay done professionally:

  • They will give you ways in which you can describe and present your information in a way that is not overworked and something that brings out the uniqueness hence being effective.

  • Hiring a professional writer will provide another pair of eyes to identify mistakes as well as sentences that cannot be understood.

  • A writer can identify exactly what is missing in a paper. This will allow you to be thorough while writing a career choice paper. This will help describe what you cannot nor have the skill and knowledge to write professionally.

A nursing career can have several setbacks:

Long working hours due to report writing and some of the nurses even work for 15-hour shifts and can take a toll on both physical and mental health. Also, junior nurses have to work more that includes holidays and long nights.




Nursing career plan essay

Nursing career plan essay

Nursing is categorized as a pillar to serve humanity and the wellness of human beings in terms of preventive and health care and each nurse is subjected to learn how to deal with all the attributes that come with the nursing education system. For one to become a professional nurse, one will have to achieve a certain level of education to fit the skills and the ability to handle nurse responsibilities and the challenges that come with it.

Having a nursing degree does not mean the end of learning; it means every experience requires nurses to be highly advanced with the maximum education level to be fully responsible for patients with different conditions. Therefore it is a huge responsibility for the nurses to get a higher education, power of the nursing knowledge and the skills that comes along with it. It is very important to understand all the current regulations to keep up with the developments and technology that also help in the light of all the legal and ethical aspects in the said field with nursing boards as well as other authorities involved in this field.

There are so many educational books written that give a disciplinary approach to empower nurses by training them and by using available information to improve communication skills and better allocation of present-day technology and literature hence overcoming avoidable barriers.

Why do you need a nursing career plan?

  • A nursing career plan should be an aspiration for every person who wants to pursue nursing and this requires intensive planning and thoughtfulness. When a nursing career becomes a goal, one will be required to assess the current technological factors and skills to predetermine the end goal. Preventive care in the health sector has become advanced therefore this requires students nurses and nurses to advance since it is their responsibility to attain the very best education levels and knowledge power to meet the necessary challenges to be encountered. 
  • A nursing career is governed by values and beliefs throughout the entire profession. These values are very important because, in the end, the goal is to baccalaureate out of this field of medicine successfully. Some of these core values include:
  • Human dignity-this is the process of treating every human being uniquely and with privacy. This helps create an effective bond and relationship between the patients and the health care practitioners. This will enable the patients to be more sincere. 
  •  Communication-this is very important where it is in writing, speech or even in signals. This is because understanding the patient and the patients family is vital since this acts as therapeutic to both sides. This also includes in other cases, healthcare providers debating on whether to tell the patients family the truth about the diagnosis of the patient or even how they will inform the patient about the condition they are in.
  • Critical thinking-this is very logical when it comes to nursing. This is because nurses have the first encounter with their patients and analyzing how the situation is very important. Nurses are expected to think independently and take action based on the power of education. To solve complicated situations. This will determine how the medical practitioner will handle every patient.
  •  Psychomotor skills- this is whereby the nurses provide care and comfort by using specific skills to assess and evaluate a patient. Nursing skills should be used to give comfort and the ability for the patient to respond positively concerning the level of information required by the medical personnel.
  •  Integrity- this is practising high morals and this is the kind of attribute that can give a nurse a successful career. Practising integrity shows how a nurse is consistent in doing the right thing. This is encompassing confidentiality and honesty and being consistent with professional principles. 
  • Altruism-this is whereby the nurse works to the well-being of the patients without expecting anything in return. This is a professional core value of the medical field that is basically out of self-interest. Social justice
  •  Autonomy- this is the rights of the patients to be able to make their medical decisions without the influence of any medical personnel. What the nurses are allowed to do is educate the patients but not make the decisions for them.

How can you plan for a nursing career properly?

While preparing for a nursing career plan essay, all the above-mentioned attributes should be high in consideration. Therefore, if you will need professional services to help write an essay about nursing career planning, it is best to visit nursing writing for the best services.

Online College nursing papers

College Nursing Papers

While pursuing a nursing degree or any other medical course it could be an absolutely difficult task for students in practice. This field is very complex and students barely have time to write their assignments therefore most seek online writing services from professional writers to assist them in writing their nursing essays. Starting to write is one thing but finishing is another thing.

Nursing as a field is very wide and if you are a nursing student or a medical student you know how hard it is to train. When writing college nursing papers, one should consider the fact that it is for both professional and academic purposes for patients diagnosed with different conditions who are encountered by nursing students practising. These kinds of encounters are very important for students’ essay.

What nursing papers essay do is to improve the learning experiences as they help students to create a pathway to know how to handle real-life occurrences. Choosing a good nursing topic based on the kind of research source you have is essential because this will help you get the right information you are about to share.

These research sources should help you answer almost all questions regarding the topic of discussion. Data collection is very crucial when it comes to writing papers, the more and accurate information you collect, the more you portray expertise because you have demonstrated how much you understand what you are offering.


 Why do you need to write a research paper?


Nurses need to write research papers because it will determine the most efficient and effective practices that will enable them to improve patient health care. Some of the findings learnt from the research will help pave way for new ideas and new knowledge about new treatments and agreements to new methods of improving outcomes for patient care.

Conducting research and writing a paper on it will transform the required knowledge into something meaningful that can be used in real life. This will help improve knowledge literacy that will assist in making more meaningful and important medical decisions. There are some cases where research conclusions will lead to clinical care and decisions and this is vital since what is done is based on the search results. When research is evaluated, there are the main areas that are considered, they are:

  • Relevance-this simply means how logical the concept is to what is being researched?

  • Conclusions- what is the outcome of the research?

  • Justifiable - this means how valid is the information being provided?

  • Reliability-how reliable is the research, and is it consistent when it comes to being dependable?

 All these areas are practised due to the evidence derived from them and this means they can be categorized into both;

  • Qualitative - research based on perceptions and experiences.  

  • Quantitative- this is research based on variables and numbers to communicate and deliver results.


How will I be able to write my nursing assignment?

Having nursing writing services that help students who are overwhelmed with coursework and searching for information and collection of data is important because it could be a prolonged process. Obtaining the right information during research is very essential as it portrays well-organized delivered information. All this might seem like a difficult task but having someone to assist write a good nursing dissertation is very important.

Gathering numerous data sources to create a good outline of an assignment and deliver a presentable framework requires skills and time. Therefore having a professional write your paper is very essential because quality will be delivered. Having professional nursing writing services will help you with the following:

  • A professional writer has experience and skills based on the correct information and data required for a specific topic, therefore having a trained personnel work on your assignment will be the best thing to do.

  • Some nursing students might prefer working on their papers, but that is not a problem because there are specific trained proofreaders and editors who will provide a different set of eyes to identify the smallest errors made in a paper. This will make your paper look acutely professional with exceptional type of English and the correct type of format required.

  • Having a professional write your nursing paper means that the time required to complete an essay will be shorter compared to the time a student will work on the assignment. Therefore; this means lesser time and deadlines will be met.


Having the above said one can see the importance of having a professional write a college nursing paper because of the quality delivered and the relevance of the research required for a given topic.



Why Become A Nurse Essay

My dream to become a nurse essay

A nurse is a lifesaver, a person who is always on the frontline when patients arrive in a medical facility, or with any encounter with a patient in any area, to deal with life and death situations and everything else in between. A nurse’s responsibility is to assist doctors in providing care and advice to patients and educate them on different medical conditions as well as giving a patient’s condition status information to the family. 

Care administration is a very important and vital process to a patient because it will determine the time frame to which the patient will recover from a given procedure or after a diagnosis. For example, a patient will have a diagnosis from a doctor, get prescribed medication for the treatment but the nurse will be there to follow through on how the patient is doing and his recovery. 

For someone to become a nurse, one will need a degree. A nurse may have different responsibilities in a medical facility some of which include:

  • Checking the vital signs of a patient brought in.
  • Coordinate the administering of patients care with other health care specialists.

  • Conduct tests and physical exams.

  • Listening to patients and providing to their emotional and physical needs

  • Provide patients with counseling services and be up to date with any current and upcoming medications and health care options.

Why become a nurse?

Nurses take pride in their career because they have the opportunity to make an impact in the community and on individuals positively and it is worth it because they save lives. More reasons why one should become a nurse is because, for the most part, nurses are treated with the utmost respect by both the patients and patients’ families and the health care specialists/physicians. The following are some of the reasons why you should become a nurse:

  • A nursing career has a variety of specialties in that one can choose any that interests them the most. Some of these specialities are working in emergency rooms, in labor wards, dealing with psychiatric patients, oncology nurses and the list continues, you will just need to find the right path. A good thing about becoming a nurse is that you can train for more than one speciality thus being beneficial to you.
  • Nursing career is among the careers that promise job security and a good wage, in that when a nurse decides to further their studies for instance choose to go for a degree the salary bracket increases.

  • A nurse will always be an individual who will always be respected this is because nurses are known to be compassionate and that is a reputation they have long held in the long run. Nurses are known to be honest and this has made them be trusted by patients therefore easy for patients to entrust them with their problems.

  • As a nurse it is very exciting because the kind of work they do does not require them to sit at a desk all day, instead, nurses are always on their feet working with a team of healthcare providers therefore every day is a challenge meeting with patients with different kinds of conditions thus this profession being exciting.

  • A nursing degree is very accessible and almost all countries offer nursing diplomas as well as BSN (nursing degree) basically in two or fewer years. Some institutions also provide online courses therefore anyone willing to pursue a nursing career can finish in their own time.

  • Nurses spend a lot of time with their patients so they act as their advocates by providing unique understanding into their patients' needs and concerns and behaviours as well the role of advocacy can be used in different ways such as when a family member needs to know important details which do not reflect in a patients chat a nurse will be there to uncover the detail.

How can I become a nurse?

As mentioned above we have several practitioner programs and these programs train nurses to serve any speciality that gives Primary Care to patients and focus on a specific population to promote health and prevent diseases. Some nurses choose to be general nurse practitioners who then choose to specialise in a specific group. This means the nurse will attend to a certain type of population therefore they would need a specific area of speciality. These specialities include:

  • Neonatal nurse practitioner
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner

  • Orthopaedic nurse practitioner

  • Women's health nurse practitioner

  • Aesthetic nurse practitioner 

  • Oncology nurse practitioner

The above-mentioned programs will help you identify which speciality you will need to pursue depending on the kind of interest you have. Selecting one  is not easy but working on what drives you will guide you to the right path.

Can I get help in writing my nursing essay?

Writing can be very stressful and so nursing writing is here to take the load off your shoulders. Writing done professionally in very detailed that will award you great marks while submitting your essay at a very reasonable price.

Career planning and development for nurses

Importance of Career Development in Nursing Education

Career Development is important for the execution of career planning. These are programs organized to match a person's abilities desires and goals with both future and current chances in this field. This is the process where the action is implemented and activities to develop techniques on the job training.

Career development will allow you to choose the most ideal interests and a skill set to fit the lifestyle you desire. Nursing as a career is very interesting and exciting because it is always evolving therefore open to growing and learning continuously because they cannot be a situation where nursing as a career will be still. 

Nurses are service providers and therefore staying current and growing with the practice is vital. An example could be in case of a pandemic such as the covid-19 nurses were required to learn about prevention and protection when it comes to dealing with the patients affected. The pandemic is still critical and all nurses have learnt about all the measures required to help to manage the affected individuals.

 Why do you need to develop your career in nursing?

When pursuing a nursing degree it means there is always going to be learning throughout the career to gain knowledge to fully cover or fulfill the health care standards. Learning may come in different forms and opportunities such as: 

  • Enrolling on online programs, 
  • Attendance of conferences that offer information the same field of practice, 

  • Receiving training when working as a nurse,

  • Joining associations related to the field of practice, 

  • And as technology has gradually advanced, we have online tutorials that can technically give you the information you need.

Nurses should understand what Career Development is an obligation and one must be connected to the evolving Healthcare standards at an international level. Healthcare trends impact nurses daily in their practice and these prepare the nurses in delivering nursing responsibilities to the best of their ability. 

Understanding this on a big scale we make it easy for learning how to handle the patients and patient satisfaction plays a very important role in the compensation process. And then, on the other hand, will allow the facility to retain its workers as well as advance in the equipment required for treatment. Career development will enable nurses to develop different sets of skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking to solve problems encountered while caring for patients. Having these techniques on your fingertips will allow you to:

  •  Lower the chances of getting errors.
  • The rate of mortality decreases

  • To builds a good relationships between the co-workers and the patients as well.

  • Improve the patients' health.

How can I develop my career as a nurse?

 Many nurses ask how they can develop their career in their area of training and lifestyle, but this is not complicated. Some of these things are:

  • There are so many specialities in the nursing field, therefore, obtaining a certificate is very important because that would mean that you are recognized as an expert in a certain speciality and there are specific roles that you are certified for. For example, becoming a certified oncology nurse or certified orthopedic nurse.
  • Participating in education continuation such as obtaining a degree that is higher learning for nursing, joining and attending nursing conferences nationally to discuss the upcoming trends in the field as well as beware of how to handle pandemic emergencies such as the covid-19.

  • When working with specialists and physicians, a nurse can learn as they can develop a relationship based on mentorship with them. this will allow the nurses to ask for advice whenever they need to make a difficult decision, and even having a physician to coach them while on duty. This is a good way of on-job practical learning and things learnt are hardly forgotten.

  • A nursing career is a personal interest; therefore this means that establishing personal development is very important since the desire to learn more is what will push you to achieve more. Personal development is a culture that should be adopted by learners because the urge is what will make an individual exceptional in what they do wholeheartedly.

  • The healthcare sector is a good field to build good networks that will help you and your career growth.  Taking each opportunity to join medical networks is a crucial step because it has become more centralized in how things are carried out in society as well as in business.

Do you need help in writing a career development essay? You have nothing to worry about because is here to help.