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A. Company’s Code of Ethics: Target


The subject of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is widely used in Target's broad set of rules. Target worked effectively at conveying what they mean for social, monetary, and ecological change by covering clear goals that express quantifiable results for our planet. Target's set of rules examines a shared obligation to regard fundamental liberties. Fair work rehearses by colleagues and colleagues, focusing on the world through manageability endeavours and putting resources into the networks through generosity and volunteerism. The business naturally includes us with others, and we frequently follow up for the benefit of others (Smith, 2021). Many parts of a decent CSR strategy are examined exhaustively in Target's set of principles record.


Target's code of ethics unequivocally addresses how the organization consents to legitimate orders. The implicit principles subtleties the organization's position on keeping a zero capacity to bear resistance with legitimate infringement. Target's broad set of principles urges colleagues to be careful in noticing resistant ways of behaving and supports a commitment to voice concerns when occasions of thought manhandling happen. With wellbeing, security, and administrative drives, infringement of compensation and work regulations, safeguarding individual data, and directing business decently, Target's implicit set of principles underlines prerequisites for all representatives and colleagues to know and consolidate in their day-to-day work the regulations that oversee moral and fair strategic policies to guarantee lawful consistence (Smith, 2021). Target's broad set of principles sums up that when worker activities disregard the law and affect the Objective brand, legitimate outcomes could happen, including punishments, arraignment, fines, and prison time.


Organizations should observe guidelines, guidelines, and regulations to prepare for extortion and misuse. Rules and guidelines are upheld in the working environment to shield representatives and organizations from arraignment, claims, and fines. Ramifications for organizations with resistant strategic approaches with legitimate commands incorporate criminal arraignment and charges, efficiency misfortunes, penalties, and punishments (Smith, 2021). The ramifications of resistance aren't restricted to lawful punishments. Roundabout expenses for an organization can be huger and incorporate pessimistic reputational costs, business interruption or conclusion, and individual liabilities. The Government Exchange Commission (FTC) directs many regulations and guidelines to safeguard shoppers against organizations with out-of-line and misleading practices (2017). If the FTC finds organizations are resistant to the law, it can force a most extreme common punishment of $40,000.00.


Target implements internal safeguards to protect business data and the organization's assets. To guard against illegal or unethical theft of property, abuse, misuse, or unauthorized disclosure of non-public and intellectual property, Target put in place protections to manage business operations effectively and avoid disruptions in work efforts. Two ethical safeguards Target enforces to prevent illegal and unethical acts for physical security in the workplace are tracking physical property through asset management and empowering employees through security awareness. 

To ensure the impact of communicating ethically is understood by all employees, Target publishes the Delegation of Authority policy and Social Media Guidelines to enforce the understanding of communicating responsibly. The protections include publishing policies that address Records and Information Management, Information Security, and the Acceptable Use of Information Resources. Other physical security protections include contacting assets protection or corporate security when suspicious or dishonest activity is observed. 


Ethical conduct in the workplace encourages a culture of moral decisions. Leaders are modelling acceptable behaviour to help to drive employee engagement, happiness, and retention. Target's code of ethics is a proposal to comply with the company's code to promote a culture of integrity and accountability. Target's code of ethics does a great job of fostering an ethical culture. Entrenched in Target's code of ethics, employees are equipped with the knowledge and tools to do what's right when ethical dilemmas arise (Giwa et al., 2020). Every topic in Target's code of ethics is a commitment to the values, behaviours, and code of the company and resources that actively reinforce ethical standards. The communication of expectations is a powerful organizational influence tool (Johnson, 2019).


To do what's right, people have to hold themselves and others accountable for how they act and conduct business. Reporting unethical behaviour is a test of character. Leaders encourage teamwork and create structures, processes, and programs that allow a positive ethical culture to flourish. Target gives employees three resources to use to reinforce an ethical culture when raising alleged ethical code violations for deliberate reasons. Target provides employees with a channel to voice concerns, seek guidance, or report violations. Employees have the option to talk with their immediate supervisor or a member of Human Resources. When reporting unethical actions, employees can call the compliance hotline or visit Target's integrity URL (Giwa et al., 2020). Employees can report an unethical violation by email or writing to the ethics and compliance board. Reporting non-compliant violations is handled anonymously and confidentially. Target bans retaliatory behaviour against employees when unethical conduct is reported and takes protection seriously. 


If I observe an ethical violation, I will follow company procedures for reporting unethical behaviour. I have a great working relationship with my direct leader and would elect to speak with her directly for a directive on how to address suspected unethical acts of conduct. As an alternative option, I would call the internal compliance hotline. I believe a hotline encourages people to report wrongdoings due to its convenience and anonymity. 

B. Three Factors an Employee Might Consider Before Deciding To Report Unethical Conduct Observed At Work

Unethical Behaviors Policy 

Purpose: Unethical behaviour adversely affects workplace morale and contributes to opposing outcomes. This policy establishes guidelines for addressing unethical behaviour by individuals at the organization, including employees and business partners (2015). 

Policy: It is the organization's policy that every team member lives the values, understands the code, follows the law, and takes action when witnessing conduct that undermines the foundation of ethical culture.

Unethical conduct will not be tolerated at the organization. Unethical behaviour is any manner of interaction that harms workplace morale and includes but is not limited to:

Illegal activity and non-compliance with the law;

Hurts the Target brand;

Egregious breach of values, behaviours, and code.



I. Guidelines to Prepare for Reporting Unethical Concerns 

Target's code of ethics requires employees to observe standards of business and ethics by understanding the code requirements, living the values in daily actions, and reporting assumed violations of the code. There are ethical reasons why people blow the whistle on unethical behaviour or actions. Employees must weigh important personal and organizational considerations before blowing the whistle (Turyakira, 2018). An individual assessment should include research to ensure the unethical act is valid. The employee should know why they feel strongly about a given issue, understand the force behind their intentions, consider the moral and financial implications, be prepared for others to learn of their identity contingent on the occurrence and outcome, and ready to live with the consequences, determine the best timing, discuss the issue with family, and have an alternate course of action if the expected outcome doesn't occur.

Organizational considerations should start with gathering the report contents, including the suspected person's name, description of the instance, and any pertinent documentation regarding the violation (Turyakira, 2018). Organizational considerations must include discussing the unethical example with a direct lender, making sure the concern is the correct type of issue to report, compiling evidence to support the claim, reviewing company policy on how to internally report the violation, contacting the company's compliance officer if applicable, be prepared to follow the chain of command, take the concern outside the company if still unresolved, or find other employment. Employees must cooperate in internal investigations of unethical behaviour.


II. Reporting a concern

Ultimately Target's ability to enforce the code is based on the commitment of its employees to follow the code requirements and report suspected ethical violations. If an employee decides to blow the whistle on illegal and unethical behaviour, internal and external reporting steps must be followed. Internal reporting steps must include fully following company protocol. Unethical concerns should be reported following the chain of command, starting with the immediate supervisor. If the immediate supervisor has taken part in the problem, the employee should proceed to the next management level. After management has been notified, reporting steps include contacting human resources, the compliance officer or reporting the concerns to senior leaders such as the CEO or president of the company. Reporting can be done in person, by phone, or in writing.

Following applicable laws and regulations, Target will determine whether law enforcement or an external government agency should be notified. Employees must follow external reporting steps if they decide to report unethical behaviour. After all specified internal steps have been performed, the exterior reporting step should report the probable ethical violation to the external compliance hotline (Podgorica et al., 2021). A report will be created, and the appropriate teams will be engaged for further follow-up. Confidentiality and anonymity will remain intact but could be released to the public at some point, depending on the type of complaint and statute.

C. One Advantage and One Disadvantage of Paying Whistleblowers

The False Claims Act enables whistleblowers to bring suit on behalf of any wrongdoer who is currently defrauding the US government (2020). A person considering filing a lawsuit under the False Claims Act on behalf of the government should thoroughly educate themselves on the rewards, protections, benefits, and perils for whistleblowers. The potential rewards and risks associated with whistleblowing can be significant. The rewards system with the False Claims Act encourages people to come forward to help stop wrongdoing and hold offenders accountable (2020). Advantages include moral, ethical, and financial tips. The moral and ethical benefits for whistleblowers outweigh the risks (Podgorica et al., 2021). A whistleblower's entitlement to financial rewards ranges from 15% to 30% depending on the unique circumstances with a successful outcome. Disadvantages could include retaliation from an employer such as loss of employment or demotion, negative feedback or harassment from work colleagues and family members, direct or indirect threats against personal safety, struggles from stress and anxiety with anonymity, and lengthy or unfavourable outcomes.

D. The Changes That Organizations Have Made Based On the US Sentencing Guidelines

Corporate adoption of practical ethics and compliance programs was greatly influenced by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, developed by the US Sentencing Commission (USSC) on November 1, 1991. Since 1991, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations have provided a criminal justice framework to deter and punish organizational misconduct (Patuzzo et al., 2018). These guidelines encourage organizations to implement internal control systems by mandating penalties when internal systems fail. Initially, individual defendants were prosecuted. With the new sentencing guidelines, organizations were held responsible and accountable when a sole employee was indicted on a crime. This changed the way organizations viewed the efficacy of ethics and compliance programs and how they drove their business operations. Developing an ethical corporate culture gained more momentum for the organization's top management (Patuzzo et al., 2018). Compliance initiatives, codes of ethics, and compliance programs provide the standards and guidelines for ethical behaviour. They reinforced adherence to the laws that governed ethical conduct and were critical to avoiding penalties and fines.

When organizations are criminally liable for illegal actions, the liability is based on several factors. Culpability factors used to determine fines under the US Sentencing Guidelines are the organization's size, prior history of similar criminal conduct, and the role of obstructing or impeding an investigation. Penalties are based on a base fine and a culpability score. The base fine corresponds with a determined offence level, the organization's monetary gain, and the ensuing loss caused by the criminal offence. 

The culpability score is increased or decreased based on aggravated or mitigating factors. Aggravating factors are the size of the organization by factoring the number of employees in the organization or the number of individuals involved in criminal activity, prior history of misconduct conduct, and the role of obstructing or impeding an investigation (McPhail et al., 2018). Mitigating factors are whether an effective compliance program was in place at the time of the offence, if the organization self-reported the crime and was fully cooperative, and if they accepted responsibility for the criminal activity. 

Corporate compliance, ethical culture, and ethical decision-making are vital components for the success of every business operation, regardless of the industry. An effective compliance program will protect organizations and employees to avoid fraud, abuse, and practices that inevitably interrupt business operations. Compliance violations can result in fines, penalties, lawsuits, and loss of reputation.


Giwa, A., Milsten, A., Vieira, D., Ogedegbe, C., Kelly, K., & Schwab, A. (2020). Should I Stay or Should I Go? A Bioethical Analysis of Healthcare Professionals and Institutions' Moral Obligations During Active Shooter Incidents in Hospitals—A Narrative Review of the Literature. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 48(2), 340-351. 

McPhail, I. V., Stephens, S., & Heasman, A. (2018). Legal and ethical issues in treating clients with pedohebephilic interests. Canadian Psychology/psychologie canadienne, 59(4), 369. 

Patuzzo, S., De Stefano, F., & Ciliberti, R. (2018). The Italian code of medical deontology. historical, ethical and legal issues. Acta Bio Medica: Atenei Parmensis, 89(2), 157. 

Podgorica, N., Flatscher-Thöni, M., Deufert, D., Siebert, U., & Ganner, M. (2021). A systematic review of ethical and legal issues in elder care. Nursing Ethics, 28(6), 895-910.

Smith, H. (2021). Clinical AI: opacity, accountability, responsibility and liability. AI & SOCIETY, 36(2), 535-545. 

Turyakira, P. K. (2018). Ethical practices of small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries: A literature analysis. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences, 21(1), 1-7. 


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How to prepare for IRB Application

Initial Application to the IRB 

Within the eResearch Regulatory Management (eRRM) system at the University of Michigan, the IRB application is a web-based questionnaire or form that may be initiated by any member of the study team. It is intended to collect all of the information and materials that are necessary for the Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects (IRB-HSBS) and any other relevant research review units to evaluate and approve the research in accordance with federal regulations and University of Michigan policies.

 The IRB application is divided into different classes, which determine the review path, as well as parts that describe the proposed research and specify subject safeguards. This is done to make data entry and committee review more efficient. eRRM will activate further pertinent sections and questions inside the form based on the application type you have chosen and the replies you have provided in the initial sections of the form. It is possible for a section to contain functionality that allows users to add or select information from other eResearch systems, as well as upload associated documentation (such as documents pertaining to informed consent, protocols, recruitment materials, and so on) into the application (e.g., PAFs from Proposal Management).


The following application routes are available for projects that will be examined by the IRB-HSBS:

  • Research Involving Human Beings :That Involves Interaction Or Intervention This protocol is utilized for any study that will collect data or biospecimens from human subjects. If you choose this option, you will be presented with a series of additional questions designed to help you locate projects that may be eligible for an exemption determination.
  • Uses of Private Information or Biospecimens in Secondary Research : Secondary study uses of private information or biospecimens refers to research that only involves the examination of information or biospecimens that was gathered in the past. If you choose this option, the Scope of Secondary Use Research section will become visible and you will be prompted to provide comments so that the application can be directed down the appropriate review path (comprehensive IRB review, exempt or not regulated).
  • Activities That Are Not Regulated As Being Carried Out On Human Subjects : This category is for projects that include individuals or their data but do not satisfy the definition of human subjects research that would require oversight from the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Compliance with HIPAA or another institutional standard may be necessary for the projects, as well as certification from the IRB that they are "not regulated." (For further information, please refer to table Regulated/Not Regulated located in Part 4 of the HRPP Operations Manual.)
  • Projects that may not include immediate intentions for the involvement of human subjects, their data, and/or their specimens (also known as a "umbrella" or "dry" application) - for training grants, program projects, or research that may not involve human subjects until later in the year.
  • Requesting Review by an IRB That Is Not Part of the University of Michigan – to keep track of requests that the University of Michigan hand over IRB monitoring to an external IRB


An application to an IRB has parts that outline, at each stage of the project, how the research team will engage with the people who are the subjects of the study and/or their data. The information that the IRB anticipates finding in an application is highlighted in the following table, which provides a description of the most important elements of the application and links to relevant resources when available.

  • Information Relating to the Study in General: Please introduce the research team. Please provide a synopsis of the project. IRB and application type should be selected.
  • Information Regarding Sponsors: Indicate whether the support is coming from outside or inside the organization, and include a link to the grant application (PAF) or award number.
  • Locations of Performances: Please include a list of the institutions that will be participating in the research project as well as the places where research activities will be undertaken. Plan for the Research : Enter the specifics of the protocol, and give a comprehensive account of the study's contacts with human participants.
  • Benefits & Risks: Describe both the positive outcomes of the study as well as any potential adverse effects on the participants.
  • Taking Into Account Particulars: Provides navigation to particular portions of the IRB application, as indicated by "yes" replies, for those factors that call for additional information concerning their application in the research (e.g., surveys, interviews, tissue or specimens, subject compensation, deception, etc.)
  • Information Regarding the Subject: Input data regarding the research population, method of recruiting and screening, and susceptible subjects.
  • Consent Provided After Being Educated: Describe the process of informed consent, and upload any documents required for consent.
  • Maintaining Privacy, Confidentiality, and Physical Safety: Indicate the identifiability of the data, as well as the privacy safeguards afforded to people, the data management and security procedures, and the future applications planned for the data.

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Western Governors University: Change Management Essay

Essay on Change Management from Western Governors University.

 Start typing right now. 1. Describe how one recommended innovation strategy might be implemented by management as part of the organization's change management process. Start typing right now. Describe how four phases from Kotter's eight-step model could be used to the change process for the organization in this case. F Start typing right now. G. Describe how each of the five pillars of sustainable change could be applied to the corporation in the scenario in order to keep the learning organization environment alive and thriving. Start typing right now. References The primary instructional material in the C721 course is Acrobatiq, which is a software package (this is the 12 module readings). For your convenience, I've included a link to the reference. Assuming that you cited Acrobatiq in your paper, you can leave the reference shown below in its current format. Make sure to include the phrase "(Acrobatiq, 2017)" as an in-text citation in the body of your article whenever it is necessary.

Additionally, include any other references that you used in this reference area. Acrobatiq is a type of acrobat (2017). Change Management is a term that is used to refer to the process of implementing changes. The following is a learning resource for C721-Change Management. The document is available at chngmgmt nov15. There are TWO different versions of the C721-Change Management course available. This Tips document is only applicable to Version 2 of the software. Scenario: An industrial manufacturing business has hired you to work as a change management consultant, and you are thrilled. Currently, the company's leadership employs a top-down management method to achieve success. The organizational structure is based on a hierarchical structure (pyramid type). Creative thinking, making suggestions, or making decisions are not encouraged amongst employees. They are also not encouraged to experiment with new ideas and come up with novel solutions to existing problems. Over the previous decade, the company has experienced significant growth, going from generating $1 million in sales to generating $100 million in sales. The company has grown its foreign operations in the last year, and currently employs 500 people across the globe. Because of the company's rapid growth, the organization has not made significant investments in training and development opportunities for its personnel, which might help them to promote innovation and process improvements. In addition, the company's inventory management techniques and software systems have become out of date as a result of its growth.

The senior leadership team will receive a report from you as the change management consultant in which you will diagnose the need for change and explain how to prepare for change, implement change, and maintain the changes that have been implemented so far. Also included will be an explanation of how the company may transform into a learning organization in order to remain at the forefront of change and innovation. Requirements: Your entry must be a completely original piece of work. If sources are correctly cited, no more than 30% of the submission and no more than 10% of the submission can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from them, even if the sources are correctly cited together. In order to determine the degree of originality, refer to the Turnitin Originality Report that is provided in Taskstream for guidance. You must use the rubric to lead the production of your submission because it contains comprehensive criteria that will be used to evaluate your work. If you do not follow the rubric, your submission will be disqualified. Each of the requirements listed below may be evaluated by more than one aspect of the rubric. The titles of the rubric aspects may include hyperlinks to relevant sections of the course materials. A. Using either the systems contingency model or the organizational life cycle model, discuss the necessity for change for the company in the scenario. B.

Describe the distinctions between a learning organization and a typical organization in terms of structure and culture. To begin, determine which level of Woolner's 5-stage model the organization is now in. a. Describe why the company is currently in the stage of Woolner's 5-stage model that has been recognized. 2. Describe how the corporation in the scenario might employ Senge's five disciplines to transform itself into a learning organization. 3. C. Using the model developed by Balogun and Hope-Hailey, identify the end result and the nature of the change required to transform the company from a traditional organization to a learning organization. Please keep in mind that you can either identify the end result and the form of change separately, or you can identify the name of the quadrant in Balogun and Hope-model Hailey's that corresponds to the end result and the nature of change separately. 1. Using the model developed by Balogun and Hope-Hailey, explain why the ultimate outcome and nature of change would be appropriate for the company in the case under consideration. In the example, discuss how the four steps of the action research model could be implemented to the transformation process (from traditional organization to learning organization) for the corporation. • E. Specify two innovative strategies that management may employ to transition the company in the scenario from its current state of being a traditional organization to its current state of being a learning organization. 1. Describe how one recommended innovation strategy might be implemented by management as part of the organization's change management process.

Describe how four phases from Kotter's eight-step model could be used to the change process for the organization in this case. F G. Describe how each of the five pillars of sustainable change could be applied to the corporation in the scenario in order to keep the learning organization environment alive and thriving. H. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. I. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission. Not Evident Approaching Competence Competent Articulation of Response The candidate provides The applicant makes a presentation. The candidate gives weak (clarity, unsatisfactory adequate articulation of articulation of response. organization, articulation of response. response. mechanics)

To be competent in this element of the assignment, the submission must be properly organized and contain appropriate language. If you have any trouble with this component, consult the Articulation of Response document found under the Evaluation Procedures tab in TaskStream, contact the Center for Writing Excellence or your course mentor. A. Addressed need for change and Systems Contingency or Organizational Life Cycle Models There is no discussion of the necessity of change in this document. .

c721 change management essay

Failure to effectively express the need for change in the company in the scenario, or a failure to employ either or both of the organizational life cycle models, are among the problems with the debate. Using either the systems contingency model or the organizational life cycle model, the discussion appropriately depicts the need for change for the corporation in the scenario. There are two main issues that need to be addressed: Describe 1) the need for change within the organization and, 2) a clearly articulated account of the systems contingency model, including its three phases, or a properly articulated description of the organizational life-cycle model, including its five stages of growth. What is it about the company that requires change? What exactly does the appropriate model look like? What role do they play in assisting an organization in planning for and evaluating change initiatives? It is not possible to provide a definitive response or solution in terms of the most effective strategic strategy using the systems contingency model. It does, however, aid in the simplification of the organization's complications and is required to address all of the ad hoc circumstances that may occur. There are three input phases that must be taken into consideration when developing this response. It is also necessary to provide a detailed description of each phase. The organizational life-cycle model portrays the life-cycle of an organization from the time of its inception to the time of its dissolution or closure. When responding to this criterion, make certain that you provide the sequence or events described in this model in your response. These are not coincidental occurrences. The five phases should be presented clearly and in the order in which they occur, with each step being explained correctly and completely. B. Organizational Learning versus Traditional Organization This document does not include an explanation of the distinctions between a learning organization and a traditional organization Inaccurate information is provided in the description of one or more differences between a learning organization and a regular organizational structure. An accurate distinction is made between a learning organization and a traditional organization in the description provided herein. An organization that is structured traditionally and one that is structured to learn have major distinctions. The most fundamental assumption of a traditional organization is that what has worked in the past will continue to function in the present and the future, regardless of the circumstances. Learning organizations, on the other hand, build internal structures that are capable of responding to change and assisting organizational members in acting more proactively. The goal is to empower members at all levels of the organization to accept change as a necessary and good component of the organization's ongoing existence. B1. Woolner's Five Stages of Development Woolner's 5-step approach does not have a stage identified, and this is not provided. The stage of Woolner's 5-stage model that was selected for the company based on the scenario is not accurate. Western Governors University's Change Management Certificate Program The stage of Woolner's 5-step model that was indicated in the essay is accurate for the company in the situation. When a corporation embarks on its road to become a learning organization, Woolner describes five stages that it must go through. When presented with the situation, the student will properly identify the stage that the company is now in. A description of Woolner's 5 Stage Explanation in B1a There is no explanation offered for the Woolner stage, which is mentioned in part B. No discussion of why the Woolner stage mentioned in part B truly fits the current stage of the company as depicted in part B is provided. Part B of the explanation logically demonstrates why the Woolner stage identified in part B of the scenario appropriately represents the current stage of the company. The student must provide rationale and supporting evidence to show why they chose the stage of the company that they did from the scenario they were presented with. B2. The 5 Disciplines of Senge There is no explanation provided as to how the company intends to employ Senge's five disciplines. Each of Senge's five disciplines is not precisely identified, and the explanation also does not clearly address how the company would employ each of Senge's five disciplines to transform itself into a learning organization. Every one of Senge's five disciplines is accurately identified in the explanation, which then proceeds to logically detail how the company would employ each of the identified disciplines to become a learning organization. According to Peter Senge's best-selling book The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization, which was published in 1990, he is credited with popularizing the phrase "learning organization." Therefore, describe each of Senge's five disciplines and explain how the corporation from the scenario will employ each of them as it strives to become a learning organization. C. The Final Result and the Nature of the Change An identification of the final consequence or nature of the transformation is made. When Balogun is used, the end result and nature of change are mistakenly identified. When utilizing Hope-model, Hailey's the final result and nature of change are incorrectly identified, but both the end result and nature of change are correctly delivered. The type of change is not identified using the model developed by Balogun Balogun and Hope-Hailey. as well as Hope-model Hailey's Using the model developed by Balogun and Hope-Hailey, determine the end goal and nature of change required to transform the company from a traditional organization to a learning organization. Give an example of why this form of change is acceptable for an organization that wants to transition from a traditional organization to a learning organization in the scenario described above. Please keep in mind that you can either identify the end result and the form of change separately, or you can identify the name of the quadrant in Balogun and Hope-model Hailey's that corresponds to the end result and the nature of change separately..

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Explanation of the final result as well as the nature of the change There is no explanation offered for the final result or the nature of the modification mentioned in section C. Either the explanation fails to discuss rationally why both the end result and nature of change identified in section C would be appropriate for the company in the situation, or the explanation fails to include Balogun and Hope-model Hailey's into the explanation. With Balogun and Hope-model Hailey's as a guide, the explanation logically illustrates why both the end result and nature of change proposed in component C would be appropriate for the organization in the case under consideration. If a company is transitioning from a traditional organization to a learning organization, explain the ultimate result and kind of change outlined by Balogun and Hope-model Hailey's as the company in the scenario converts from a traditional organization to a learning organization. Model of Action Research (D) There is no explanation of the first three steps of the action research model, and there is no discussion of the fourth step. There is no rational explanation provided for how each of the four steps of the action research model could be applied to the transformation process for the organization in the scenario. With accuracy, the discussion outlines four steps of the action research model and rationally shows how each step could be applied to the change process for the organization in question in the case study scenario. Workers can use the action research model to help them identify a problem, design a solution, put the solution into action, and analyze the final outcomes. It is divided into nine clearly defined steps. Make a clear distinction between four of these processes and explain how each step could be used to the change process in the case. E. New and Innovative Approaches The two recommended innovation strategies are not included in this document. There are one or more innovation techniques among the two indicated for the corporation in the scenario that are irrational or improper for moving from a traditional organization to a learning organization, depending on the situation. When it comes to moving the corporation in the scenario from a standard organization to a learning organization, the two innovation strategies that are advised for management make logical and acceptable sense. Two (2) innovation strategies that are reasonable and appropriate for the organization's transition from a traditional to a learning organization should be recommended to the management team for consideration. A description of innovative strategies in E1.

There is no explanation of how an innovation strategy could be implemented as part of the company's change management approach. Part E of the explanation does not logically address how management would employ an innovation strategy in the company's change process, and the explanation does not discuss the innovation strategy advocated in part E. The explanation logically explores how management would implement the innovation approach indicated in part E as part of the company's transition process. Make use of one of the innovation techniques and explain how it can be implemented to assist the organization in the scenario in making the transition from a traditional organization to a learning organization, as demonstrated in the scenario. The Eight-Step Change Process developed by F. Kotter There is no mention of the fourth and fifth steps in Kotter's eight-step approach. Kotter's 8-step model is discussed in detail, but there is no logical explanation of how each phase could be applied to the change process for the organization in the scenario. 

It accurately recognizes four steps of Kotter's eight-step model and rationally discusses how each step could be applied to the change process for the organization in the scenario, as demonstrated in the discussion. The eight-step transformation method developed by John Kotter was introduced. Give an explanation of what is completed (or should be accomplished) in each step of the process in answer to this prompt demand. Keep in mind that you should apply each phase to your own organization as it transitions from being a standard organization to becoming a learning organization. Explanation of how the five pillars of G. work together The five pillars of sustainable change could be employed to ensure the long-term success of the company's learning. There is no provision for changing the organizational environment. The explanation does not logically explore how each of the five pillars of sustainable change could be applied to the corporation in the scenario in order to maintain the learning organization environment that is described therein. The explanation rationally examines how each of the five pillars of sustainable change could be applied to the corporation in the scenario in order to maintain the learning organization environment that has been created. In addition to just identifying the five (5) pillars of sustainable change, explicitly explain how each of the five pillars of sustainable change could be used to maintain the company's learning organization environment in a clear and concise manner. The submission does not include both intext citations and an H. Sources reference list for sources that are quoted, paraphrased, or summarized, which is required by the university. The contribution includes in-text citations for sources that are quoted, paraphrased, or summarized, as well as a reference list; nevertheless, the citations and/or reference list are either insufficient or erroneous in their information. When sources are appropriately quoted, paraphrased, or summarized, in-text citations should be used. A reference list should be included that accurately identifies the author, date, title, and source location, if any, of each source cited in the text. All in-text citations and references must be formatted in accordance with the American Psychological Association (APA). Your response should have included in-text citations for each and every reference that was mentioned on the References page. It is necessary to remove the source from the reference list if the source was not cited in the body of the text. To learn more about APA formatting, visit the APA Formatting connection to the document prepared by the Western Governors University Center for Writing Excellence. If you require extra assistance, you can contact the Center for Writing Excellence. This community is intended to assist students in the development of general writing abilities as well as APA formatting. The mentors are outstanding and are willing to organize individual appointments with students as needed. It is included in the course under the part titled "Course Tips" where you can get the Acrobatiq APA citation reference. The content is poorly organized, fragmented, or contains extensive errors. I. Errors in mechanics, communication usage, or grammar that are considered professional. The use of improper vocabulary or a tone that detracts from the issue is unacceptable. Content that is poorly arranged, difficult to understand, or involves errors in mechanics, language, or grammar that cause confusion is considered to be poor quality. Terminology is either misunderstood or unproductive. Attention to detail is reflected in the content.