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Career planning and development for nurses

Importance of Career Development in Nursing Education

Career Development is important for the execution of career planning. These are programs organized to match a person's abilities desires and goals with both future and current chances in this field. This is the process where the action is implemented and activities to develop techniques on the job training.

Career development will allow you to choose the most ideal interests and a skill set to fit the lifestyle you desire. Nursing as a career is very interesting and exciting because it is always evolving therefore open to growing and learning continuously because they cannot be a situation where nursing as a career will be still. 

Nurses are service providers and therefore staying current and growing with the practice is vital. An example could be in case of a pandemic such as the covid-19 nurses were required to learn about prevention and protection when it comes to dealing with the patients affected. The pandemic is still critical and all nurses have learnt about all the measures required to help to manage the affected individuals.

Why do you need to develop your career in nursing?

When pursuing a nursing degree it means there is always going to be learning throughout the career to gain knowledge to fully cover or fulfill the health care standards. Learning may come in different forms and opportunities such as: 

  • Enrolling on online programs, 
  • Attendance of conferences that offer information the same field of practice, 

  • Receiving training when working as a nurse,

  • Joining associations related to the field of practice, 

  • And as technology has gradually advanced, we have online tutorials that can technically give you the information you need.

Nurses should understand what Career Development is an obligation and one must be connected to the evolving Healthcare standards at an international level. Healthcare trends impact nurses daily in their practice and these prepare the nurses in delivering nursing responsibilities to the best of their ability. 

Understanding this on a big scale we make it easy for learning how to handle the patients and patient satisfaction plays a very important role in the compensation process. And then, on the other hand, will allow the facility to retain its workers as well as advance in the equipment required for treatment. Career development will enable nurses to develop different sets of skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking to solve problems encountered while caring for patients. Having these techniques on your fingertips will allow you to:

  • Lower the chances of getting errors.
  • The rate of mortality decreases

  • To builds a good relationships between the co-workers and the patients as well.

  • Improve the patients' health.

How can I develop my career as a nurse?

Many nurses ask how they can develop their career in their area of training and lifestyle, but this is not complicated. Some of these things are:

  • There are so many specialities in the nursing field, therefore, obtaining a certificate is very important because that would mean that you are recognized as an expert in a certain speciality and there are specific roles that you are certified for. For example, becoming a certified oncology nurse or certified orthopedic nurse.
  • Participating in education continuation such as obtaining a degree that is higher learning for nursing, joining and attending nursing conferences nationally to discuss the upcoming trends in the field as well as beware of how to handle pandemic emergencies such as the covid-19.

  • When working with specialists and physicians, a nurse can learn as they can develop a relationship based on mentorship with them. this will allow the nurses to ask for advice whenever they need to make a difficult decision, and even having a physician to coach them while on duty. This is a good way of on-job practical learning and things learnt are hardly forgotten.

  • A nursing career is a personal interest; therefore this means that establishing personal development is very important since the desire to learn more is what will push you to achieve more. Personal development is a culture that should be adopted by learners because the urge is what will make an individual exceptional in what they do wholeheartedly.

  • The healthcare sector is a good field to build good networks that will help you and your career growth.  Taking each opportunity to join medical networks is a crucial step because it has become more centralized in how things are carried out in society as well as in business.

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is one of the female reproductive health condition that involves the inflammation of the organs found in the pelvic cavity and or floor (Hinkle & Cheever, 2017). PID can either be cervicitis, salpingitis involving the fallopian tube, endometriosis, or swelling of the ovaries. Inflammation of these organs can either be acute, severe, or chronic, depending on the causative agent. It usually occurs from a bacterial cause. Mostly, the condition is not a primary disease entity but a complication of either urinary tract infection or the sexually transmitted infection (Kreisel et al., 2017). During its early stages, the disease is asymptomatic, but the symptoms become prominent as the condition advances if not identified and treated.

Cotrimoxazole and Diaper Rash

Cotrimoxazole and Diaper Rash

Diaper candidiasis or diaper rash as it is famously known is a fungal (yeast) infections that usually affect babies who dressed in diapers. Treating this yeast infection has been proven to be effective with clotrimazole. Clotrimazole is classified under the anti-microbial class of antifungals. This drug achieves its therapeutic roles through inhibition of the process of the fungal cell membrane. To accomplish its effects specifically, clotrimazole inhibits the synthesis of the ergosterol component of the fungal cell membrane by interfering with the cytochrome p-450 enzyme necessary to catalyze the synthetic process (Akins & Sobel, 2017).

Can Coronavirus Be Artificially Created In The Lab ?

Senator Tom Cotton has reignited a debate on suspicions that coronavirus is an artificial creation in a lab.

Sen. Cotton claims that Wuhan based Cellular Level Biosafety Level 4 lab is the starting point of Coronavirus spread. This labor is a high-level operational security facility for research on dangerous pathogens. The lab is near the food market, where the first infections are said to originate.

Cotton wants a further investigation on the possible connection of the virus spread and Chinas sole biosafety level 4 super laboratory. He told Fox News that he does not have evidence to support his claim but relates it to chase the government’s dishonesty and duplicity from the start of the outbreak. There have been claims that the communist party had silenced doctors from revealing the existence of coronavirus.

How deadly is coronavirus ?

Coronavirus is a family of viruses causing illnesses ranging from the common cold to severe diseases like Middle East Respiratory Severe (MERS) and Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). They transmit between animals and people, although several Coronaviruses circulate in animals without infecting humans.

Coronavirus is from a Latin word corona that means a crown or halo. The appearance of the virus resembles a solar corona when it is under an electron microscope. The name that researchers gave to the type of coronavirus that Chinese authorities identified on January 7, 2020, is COVID-19. It has become more deadly since it is the first time for identification in human beings. The information available about it is minimal, although there is confirmation of human to human transmission.

COVID-19 is very deadly as it has spread widely in China, and reports of infection are coming from other countries. Below are the reasons why coronavirus is deadly.