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Is There a Nursing Writing Company I Can Trust Online?

It is sad that most writing companies online are out to extort their customer. It not only wastes the student’s time, it also dents the trust that nursing students has in online writing companies. Due the rampant ‘is there a nursing writing company that I can trust online’ questions going around, we have devoted ourselves towards restoring this trust. is highly trusted company that has been in business for over 7 years. In this time period, we have diligently perfected the skill of writing high quality nursing assignment papers.

Identify a Trusted Nursing Writing Company

We all agree that it is almost impossible to determine a worthy writing company just by looking at their website. It may look attractive but end up being full of disappointments once you use their services. It is due to this that we highly recommend that every nursing student takes their time to determine the competence of the companies that they have interest in. If you do not have the time nor the now-how on how to go about this then we highly recommend This company has continuously gained popularity among its clients and continue to do so to date.

Inexpensive Nursing Writing Services

As much as having your assignment done is important, we all admit that no one really has a bunch of money laying around to spend on these services. Sadly, some companies take their hunger for money to an extreme and end up extorting their clients. This interferes with the trust that nursing students have on online writing companies. However, not all hope is lost as has successfully restored lost hope by constantly delivering high quality assignment papers. Keeping our clients happy is of high importance to us and we prove this each and every time.

Looking for the Best Nursing Writers Online

Nothing gives satisfaction as much as a satisfactorily done assignment paper. When you entrust your assignment to us, we beat all barriers to see to it that you receive the absolute best. We don’t spare any tactic towards delivering a perfectly written nursing assignment paper. Our writers assure you that they shall employ all of their skills and showcase their prowess when handling your assignment. This is a sure way of seeing to it that your professor receives ultimate perfection hence awarding yours a perfect grade. This will push you closer to your dream.

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Getting exquisite services online may seem like an expensive affair. Truth is that this has some truth to it and it is sad that some students cannot afford these services. has is committed to make its services affordable and available to all of its clients regardless. With us, you are eligible to a well written nursing assignment paper regardless of how much money you have. In fact, our prices are so low that you can pay as low as $10 per page and still get a discount when we’re having offers.

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What are the Ratings at Like?

One of the surest ways of knowing whether a nursing writing company is legit is by observing their rating. This is a preview of what you are about to get by hiring them to handle your assignment. You can look at customer reviews as a friendly insight of what you are likely to get from a service provider. It is like a friend pointing you towards the right direction and you trust them enough to take their word for it. So, what are the ratings for like? We are proud to say that they are stable and quite accurate. Currently, we score a clean 4.3 out of 5 star rating all around the web. We continuously are working towards strengthening this rating and making it a 5 out 5 star rating. And we will get there, we believe in our services.

How Are the Services at Like?

We are undeniably professional and skilled. While discussing our services, it is important to state that we have heavily invested in the best nursing writers in the industry. These experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to meeting our customers’ expectations and their professor’s demands. Our writers know all too well how to follow all the rules of writing. Your preferred writing style and other requirements shall be professionally executed and you shall experience what perfection really is all about.

Is a Plagiarism Free Zone?

Absolutely. Every respectable nursing writing company understands that there never is a substantial excuse for plagiarism. In fact, this is considered as the biggest vice in writing and may even get you disqualified or heavily penalized. This is in fact, one of the most important reasons as to why you should ensure that your writing company of choice is well equipped with knowledgeable writers. undertakes strict measures when hiring writers. These experts ensure that each paper is fully customized and that every single information that goes into it is original and accurate.

Will the Information Sources Listed by My Professor Be Strictly Observed?

Yes the will, we guarantee that. In order to help our writers, we have a fully equipped information center that our writers use when compiling data for our nursing clients. This amenity is full of all kinds of information sources both written and non-written. In addition to this we have state of the art modern technological devices to further aid in data compilation. So, when you approach us, rest assured that you are dealing with the best writing company in the industry where your paper will be handled with the professionalism that it deserves.

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Capella University's MSN FlexPath Program

Embarking on a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) journey is a transformative experience, and the FlexPath program at Capella University offers a unique and innovative approach to this academic adventure. As we set sail into the uncharted waters of higher education, let's dive into the creative landscape of thoughts and impressions surrounding Capella University's MSN FlexPath program.

1. The Symphony of Flexibility

Imagine orchestrating your academic journey like a master conductor shaping a symphony. The MSN FlexPath program at Capella University provides a harmonious blend of flexibility that resonates with the diverse rhythms of students' lives. This flexibility isn't just a convenience; it's a transformative melody allowing students to conduct their studies in a way that harmonizes with their personal and professional commitments.

2. Unveiling the Canvas of Self-Paced Learning

FlexPath unfurls like a blank canvas waiting to be painted with the hues of knowledge. The self-paced learning model invites students to be artists of their education, allowing them to explore, reflect, and create at their own rhythm. This canvas is not constrained by the strokes of a traditional academic timeline but instead opens up possibilities for a masterpiece shaped by individual aspirations.

3. Breaking Chains with Competency-Based Learning

In the realm of FlexPath, competency-based learning is the mighty hammer breaking the chains of conventional education. It's not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about demonstrating mastery. This liberating approach enables students to forge their paths, demonstrating competence and proficiency in nursing skills and knowledge with a sense of empowerment rarely experienced in traditional programs.

4. The Capella Community: A Virtual Voyage

Sailing through the virtual seas of online education, the Capella community becomes a crew of fellow voyagers. Engaging in discussions, collaborating on projects, and navigating challenges together, students in the FlexPath program form a virtual camaraderie. The online community becomes a compass, guiding them through the vast expanse of academic exploration.

5. Faculty Guides: Navigators of Academic Exploration

In this creative expedition, faculty members are not just instructors; they are navigators guiding students through the academic waters. Their role extends beyond traditional teaching as they become mentors, offering insights, feedback, and a steady hand in steering students towards success. The relationship between students and faculty transcends the digital divide, fostering a connection crucial for a transformative learning experience.

6. A Voyage Tailored to Individual Horizons

FlexPath is not a one-size-fits-all vessel; it's a fleet of ships tailored to individual horizons. Each student becomes the captain of their vessel, charting a course aligned with personal and professional goals. Whether one seeks to explore advanced clinical practices, delve into nursing leadership, or specialize in informatics, FlexPath provides the vessel to navigate towards individualized aspirations.

7. The Wind of Innovation

FlexPath is not just a program; it's a gust of innovation propelling the sails of nursing education forward. The wind of innovation blows through the curriculum, encouraging the adoption of contemporary practices, emerging technologies, and the latest advancements in nursing. It's not just about learning what is; it's about embracing what can be in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare.

8. Portfolios: Crafting Chronicles of Mastery

In the FlexPath program, a portfolio isn't just a collection of assignments; it's a chronicle of mastery. Students compile evidence of their competence, creating a narrative that transcends traditional grading systems. It's a dynamic testament to the skills, knowledge, and growth achieved throughout the academic voyage.

9. A Transformative Voyage to Professional Excellence

As the MSN FlexPath program unfurls its sails, it becomes a vessel navigating students towards professional excellence. The transformative voyage isn't just about earning a degree; it's about emerging as a leader, an innovator, and a master of the nursing craft.

10. Setting Sail into a Future of Possibilities

The MSN FlexPath program at Capella University is not just an academic endeavor; it's setting sail into a future of possibilities. It's about embracing the unknown with confidence, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and creative spirit to make waves in the dynamic world of nursing.

In conclusion, Capella University's MSN FlexPath program isn't merely an academic pursuit; it's a creative expedition into the uncharted waters of nursing education. It's an orchestration of flexibility, a canvas for self-paced learning, and a transformative voyage towards professional excellence. As students set sail, guided by faculty navigators and supported by a virtual community, they craft their narratives of mastery, innovation, and leadership. The MSN FlexPath program is not just a program; it's a creative journey, a symphony of possibilities, and a vessel charting a course towards a future of limitless horizons.

nurs 6501 Final exam questions

  1. In infectious mononucleosis (IM), what does the Monospot test detect?
  2. A healthcare professional had taught a pregnant woman about the risk of transmitting herpes simplex virus (HSV) from her to her fetus. What statement by the woman indicates the professional needs to provide more information?
  3. What is the link between major depression and cortisol secretion?
  4. The health care professional is caring for a person who has a pathologic fracture. The patient asks the professional to explain the condition. What response by the professional is best?
  5. What is the primary pathologic alteration resulting from ankylosing spondylitis (AS)?
  6. Which medical diagnosis is described as a chronic inflammatory joint disease?
  7. A patient is in status epilepticus. In addition to giving medication to stop the seizures, what would the healthcare professional place highest priority on?
  8. A student reads in a chart that a baby was born with an encephalocele. The student asks the healthcare professional to explain this condition. What explanation by the healthcare professional is best?
  9. A woman who is positive for hepatitis B is in labor. What action by the healthcare professional is most appropriate?
  10. A patient is in the Emergency Department with heat stroke. What finding does the healthcare provider associate with this condition?
  11. Local signs and symptoms of Hodgkin disease-related lymphadenopathy are a result of what?
  12. What causes the vasomotor flushes (hot flashes) that are associated with declining ovarian function with age?
  13. Gait disturbances and instability are characteristic of which form of cerebral palsy? 
  14. Which bones are affected in Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease?
  15. A baby is born with a myelomeningocele and needs urgent surgery to repair the defect. The parents want to take the baby home instead. What does the healthcare professional tell the parents about the purpose of this surgery? 
  16. A  question about the cause paralysis
  17. A child has osteosarcoma and the healthcare team is assessing for metastases. What diagnostic study would be the priority? 
  18. What congenital malformation is commonly linked to acute leukemia in children?
  19. What is the role of thromboxane A (TXA 2) in the secretion stage of hemostasis?
  20. A question about why iboprufen good for primary dysmenorrheal
  21. A 9-year-old child has a blood pressure of 112/72 mmHg in the school nurse's office. What action by the school nurse is most appropriate? 
  22. Which immunoglobulin (Ig) is present in childhood asthma?
  23. A question why lymph nodes enlarge and become tender during infection 
  24. A healthcare professional has taught a parent group about the causes of enuresis. What statement by a parent indicates the professional needs to give more information? 
  25. A question about vaccine against cervical cancer
  26. A question about jaundice that accompanies hemolytic anemia and Erythrocytes
  27. A person has abnormally severe tooth decay and erosion of the tooth enamel. What problem should the health care professional assess the person for? 
  28. A child has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. What complication does the healthcare professional teach the parents is most important to control?
  29. Which spinal tract carries the most nociceptive information?
  30. Clinical manifestations that include irregular or heavy bleeding, the passage of large clots, and the depletion of iron stores support which diagnosis?
  31. A question about Ig in breast feeding milk
  32. A criterion for a diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a period of excessive worrying that lasts for at least how many months?
  33. A question about a virus that causes Bronchiolitis
  34. In immunoglobulin G (IgG) nephropathies such as glomerulonephritis, IgG is deposited in which location? 
  35. A question about the age of peak bone mass

NURS 6501 Final Exam Review Guide

Concepts of Neurological and Musculoskeletal Disorders 

  • Pathophysiology of diseases that not only affect the nervous system and can secondarily impact the musculoskeletal system.
  • The pathophysiological structure, function, and alterations in the MS system
  • Pathophysiological changes of Lyme’s Disease in adults
  • Alterations in cognitive systems to include confusion states, delirium, and Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Structure and Function of the Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems • Pathophysiological changes related to Pain, Temperature Regulation, Sleep, and Sensory Function 
  • How does patient characteristics such as racial and ethnic variables impact altered physiology?
  • How does the pathophysiology of spinal injuries impact patients? • What is the impact of patient characteristics on disorders and altered physiology. 

Common Neurological and MS disorders and the pathophysiological nature of  these issues in adults and children: 

  • Stroke 
  • Multiple sclerosis 
  • Transient Ischemic Attack 
  • Myasthenia gravis 
  • Headache 
  • Seizure disorders 
  • Head injury 
  • Spinal cord injury 

Inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system 

  • Osteoporosis 
  • Osteopenia 
  • Bursitis 
  • Tendinitis 
  • Gout 
  • Lyme Disease
  • Spondylosis 
  • Fractures 
  • Parkinson’s 
  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Three basic bone-formations: 
  • Osteoblasts 
  • Osteocytes 
  • Osteoclasts 


Concepts of Psychological Disorders 

  • What are the connections between biological factors and psychological disorders as they affect factors such as substance abuse? 
  • The pathophysiological changes in Neurobiology of Schizophrenia, Mood  Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Common psychological disorders and the pathophysiological nature of these  issues in adults and children: 

  • Generalized anxiety disorder 
  • Depression 
  • Bipolar disorders 
  • Schizophrenia 
  • Delirium and dementia 
  • Obsessive compulsive disease 

Women’s and Men’s Health, Infections, and Hematologic Disorders 

  • The pathophysiology, structure, and function of the reproductive systems. • Pathophysiological changes related to women’s and men’s health, infections, and hematologic disorders.
  • How can racial/ethnic variables impact the physiological functioning of these disorders.
  • The impact of alterations in erythrocytes, platelets, and hemostatic  function as it relates to pathophysiological responses in adults and children.
  • The impact of alterations of Leukocyte and Lymphoid Function as it relates  to pathophysiological responses in adults. 

Common women’s, men’s, infections, and hematologic disorders and the  pathophysiological nature of these issues in adults: 

  • Sexually transmitted diseases 
  • Prostate 
  • Epididymitis 
  • Factors that affect fertility 
  • Reproductive health 
  • Alterations and fertility 
  • Anemia 
  • ITP and TTP 
  • DIC 
  • Thrombocytopenia 


  • Shock, Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome, and Burns in Children 

Common pediatric disorders and the pathophysiological nature of these issues in  children: 

  • Cancer in Children 
  • Growth and development 
  • Normal growth patterns 
  • Scoliosis (ortho) 
  • Kawasaki 
  • Alterations in children 
  • Congenital (heart syndrome) 
  • PDAs 
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) 
  • Asthma 
  • Lead poisoning and effects on neurological functioning 
  • Sickle cell 
  • Hemophilia

Note: It is strongly recommended that you review your Knowledge Checks at least  48 hours before taking the Final exam.


The Vital Importance of Report Writing in Nursing

Nursing Report Writing

A  nursing report essay is a type of essay that seeks to explain something, place or a situation. It is written to inform the reader and help him/her understand the subject in a broad perspective. As a writer, you must be creative and artistic. This will help your reader understand what you are writing about, and through facts and well searched information, and your  report will attract more readers.

Writing a top quality  nursing report essay is not simple and many people seek professional essay writing help from various custom writing companies.  When writing a quality nursing report essay, the writer must use imaginative language so as to elicit vivid mental images in the reader. When looking for a custom writing company to write your  nursing report essay, you must ensure that the company has qualified experienced writers to handle your essay. Most of the writing companies may have experience in other types of essay writing but lack proficient  nursing report essay writers. Nursing report  essay writing requires that the writer has experience and understands basic essay writing tips. 

In the realm of nursing, report writing is more than just a routine task; it's a lifeline that connects all aspects of patient care, professional accountability, and effective teamwork. Without it, the healthcare system would be fraught with communication gaps, potential legal issues, and a lack of data for continuous quality improvement.

The importance of report writing in nursing cannot be overstated. It is the thread that weaves together the various aspects of healthcare, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care, that nurses maintain professional accountability, and that healthcare institutions operate effectively. The next time you encounter a nurse jotting down notes or typing on a computer, remember that they are not just writing a report; they are upholding the quality and safety of patient care in their capable hands.

Nursing Report  writing process

Select your subject-there are so many topics that you can write on  nursing report essays. You therefore have to select the most suitable topic that you are familiar with. Don’t select a subject that you have no ideas about; it will cause you a lot of trouble.  In most cases, students are given the subject to choose by their professors and sometimes, the student is asked to select the subject on his own. Make sure that you are ok with the subject given or the one you have chosen.

Do the research-after you have selected the subject, look for all relevant information required during the writing process. It is important you conduct in depth research so as to familiarize yourself with the topic fully. This will help you have a smooth writing process.

Create an outline-work out a rough outline to help you plan your nursing report essay. Your  report structure or outline will help you be on track and you avoid drifting off the topic. Most students who don’t make an essay outline end up writing irrelevant information and this only weaken their nursing report essay. It is important to have an essay outline no matter what!

Write down your  nursing report essay-after you have everything ready, craft your essay and avoid plagiarism.  Ensure that you have addressed all issues vividly and creatively. When writing a nursing report essay, avoid adjectives, make sure that every word you use works to enforce the idea that you are trying to convey. Note that it is important that you first write your  nursing report essay as a draft.

Revise and proofread your nursing report essay-one you have completed your nursing report essay, read it through and correct any mistake you will find. Ensure that your nursing report essay is eye catching and well organized

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