Managing Pediatric Pain: One plan does not fit all

Managing  Pediatric  Pain:  One  plan  does  not  fit  all

Pain occurs when the body develops feelings of hurt or intense discomfort. It is a way of sending a message about the occurrence of an injury to the brain. Managing pediatric pain or any other involves blocking of these messages or reduces the effect on the mind.

Pain management is essential because failure to take action makes the body to release some chemicals that might delay healing from the cause of the hurt such as surgery, injury or broken bones. Parents, pediatric nurses, and doctors should work together to determine and follow up with the best plans for controlling pain.

The best plan depends on the child, cause, and level of as one method does not fit everyone.

Pharmacological method of managing pediatric pain

1.Pain medications

Some of the pain medications are available over the counter while other others require a prescription by a doctor. Opioids are the category of pain-relieving medicine that requires a prescription by a physician and is not on sale over the counter. An opioid is a narcotic pain reliever containing natural synthetic or semi-synthetic opiates for some types. An opioid is often for treating acute pain such as that occurs for a short term after surgery. Children who are not 12 years old yet should not take Tramadol or codeine for pain or a cough. Teenagers who are under 18 should avoid Tramadol after a tonsil or adenoids removing surgery.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) pain-relieving medicine is available over the counter although doctors also recommend some of OTC medications. Doctors might also recommend OTC or prescription strength NSAIDs like ibuprofen. Aspirin is not safe in children and teenagers who are below 19 years unless it is on instruction by a doctor. Aspirin at this age can cause Reye’s syndrome if a patient takes it during or after fever –causing or viral illness.

2.Patient-controlled analgesia (PCA)

Children at the age of 4-6 years can take PCA with the help of a nurse or parent. Children of six or more years can use a PCA pump to take medicine without help but might require supervision in the first days.


These are drugs that treat pain and emotional conditions by adjusting levels of natural chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the brain. These medications might increase the availability of bodily signals to promote relaxation and well-being. Antidepressants help to manage pediatric pain in instances of chronic pain conditions that do not entirely respond to usual treatments.

4.Epidural Analgesia

Epidural analgesia is a pain medication that a doctor injects into the epidural space of spinal cord. Doctors usually perform it around significant surgeries such as spinal, abdominal or low extremity surgeries to control postoperative pain.

Some of these above medications are similar to those that adults take to manage pain, but the dose for pediatric administering is smaller to match the patient’s weight. Adhering to the dosing prescription by a pediatrician is essential.

Managing Pediatric Pain with Non-Pharmacological Therapies

Various therapies can help in addition to medical help to decrease pain in a child. The primary healthcare provider will participate in choosing the treatments that suit the infant. Each therapy might suit children of specific age groups.

The many therapies that can help to manage pain are:

Ice: Applying ice on a painful body part reduces pain, swelling and might prevent tissue damage. The method of application involves placing an ice pack or crushed ice set in a plastic bag before covering it with a towel and putting it on the painful section for 15 -20 minutes. A physician might recommend placement for a longer time.

Heat: Heat helps to decrease pain together with muscle spasms. It works when someone applies heat to the painful area for 20-30 minutes every two hours for the days that a healthcare provider directs.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS): TENS is a pocket-sized portable device that uses battery power which relieves pain by emitting mild and safe electrical signals that help in controlling pain. It attaches on the child’s skin after placement over the area of pain.

Massage therapy: Massage helps to relax the muscles of a child and decrease pain.

Physical therapy: exercising decreases pain by improving movement and strength.

Relaxation exercises and distraction of attention to other things other than pain help in managing pediatric pain if it is not severe. Pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods complement each other in instances of chronic pain.

How Long Should a College Admissions Essay Be?

How  Long  Should  a  College  Admissions  Essay  Be?

An admissions essay demonstrates the characters in addition to academic qualifications that make a student to be an excellent candidate for admission. It explains the reason why a student has an interest in pursuing a course at a particular college and the value he or she will add to the institution.

An appropriate length of a college admissions essay for a college admissions essay should be close to the word limit as possible. A writer should think of it within 50 words as lower bound and word limit as the upper restricted.

The shortest word limit for college essays at most colleges is around 250 words which fit is less than half of a single-spaced page. The maximum number of words is 650 words at most colleges. The word limit usually is around 600 words fitting slightly over a single-spaced page. There could see many things that an applicant can write, but admissions essays should stay short as admissions officers receive lots of them and must read everything.

Writing within the range of words in the instructions is essential. For instance, if the word limit is 500 words, it is essential to write about 450 -500 words.

College essay prompts usually have a word limit in the instructions or prompt. For example, some colleges might provide a prompt that requires the applicants to explain their interest in the selected area and describe the recent explorations and ways of developing this interest within and outside a classroom.

Applicants can explain the way their major will relate to their future career goals. Students who apply to general studies should explain their academic interests, strengths, and future career goals. They might include any areas or majors they are considering. They should limit their response to 300-400 words. If there is word range in the prompt, writers should stay within it.

Writing Over or Under the Word Limit of a College Admission Essay

Applicant should restrict their writing to word count in the prompt but can probably get away with exceeding by a few words when there is a need to attach a document. Some colleges do not have misgivings if some admissions essays exceed the limit by a few words. However, the safest option is to write without exceeding the word limit unless there is an explicit reason for the allowance.

Risk of exceeding the word limit

It might be impossible to fit all the content if the admission essay requires copy-pasting into a text box. The last part of the essay might be cut off creating a need start finding a way of trimming down. Another risk of going overboard is that an admissions counselor might decide not to read an essay beyond the word limit range.

Writing under the limit

It is probably fine if an applicant can get the point across beneath the word threshold. Brevity is now always a bad thing when writing an admissions essay provided that the content is clear, convincing and communicates the reason for writing.

Nonetheless, most of the college essays have extremely tight word limits. For instance, it might be more helpful to determine if there is something more to support or elaborate the points if an admissions essay reaches just 300 words when the limit is 500 words. A teacher, parent or a friend can help to identify more details or expanding a point that will help to eliminate the large gap in the actual and required work range.

It is also essential to reach the bottom end of the word range if a college provides the minimum number of words. For example, the requirement for an applicant is that they write 400-500 words. It is essential to reach the 400 words, or it might appear as if there was nothing else to say which not an impression that an applicant should create

Following directions is an essential part of a college application process including the word limit. Applicant should make sure that they within the word limit achieve the following:

  • Answer the essay’s question or complete the argument
  • Achieve flow and cohesiveness
  • Demonstrate unique qualities that will add something to the college

A college admissions essay should have examples to create a visual depiction of the things that an applicant has gone through and their impact in showing the way it has contributed to an interest in the college.

How to Make Your Writing More Interesting for Middle School

How  to  Make  Your  Writing  More  Interesting  for  Middle  School

Middle school is an academic level for children around 9-13 years which someone can consider to be a junior high school.

Children at this age should be writing something coherent and enjoyable to read. Teachers, parents, and guardians can make students of the middle school write work that is more interesting by encouraging writing both at home and school. The students should always have something to write even if it is not extensive for them to develop writing skills and eliminate intimidation. They can enhance their writing skills by trying short stories of entertainment, journal entries every day, best wishes cards and poems among others.

Teachers can play an essential role in improving writing skills by encouraging more writing from elementary class. The learners can begin by writing short stories on simple subjects like a favorite pet. Middle-class students should also make their writing more interesting.

Tips To Make Writing More Interesting For Middle School

An interesting topic

An interesting topic at hand makes writing to be simple, and the enthusiasm in the writers makes the piece interesting even to the readers. Writing something that you find interesting simplifies writing. Lack of exciting subject makes the writer draft sentences that deliver nothing even when they sound meaningful.

The reading material at the middle school is more intense than at elementary level. An excellent way to determine an exciting thing to write is to read widely from various materials and take notes. It is from one of these materials where you find and a topic with compelling information to share with the readers.

The topic and content should be specific because it engages the readers than something ambiguous that causes the reader to get divided attention. For example, these two sentences describe fruit trees in a garden, but one is more specific.

1.The garden has a lot of fruit trees.

2.The garden has 10 varieties of fruits including oranges, guavas, lemons, guavas, and blackberries.

The sentence with more specifics makes readers imagine an appearance on the garden.

Use of simple words

It is interesting to read something that is in a simple to understand language because of quick grasping of issues. Writing with pompous language for middle school reduces readability and makes the work boring as it is not easy to understand. A writer for middle school should use simple words like near but not proximity, help but facilitate and start or begin instead of commencing. A writer can use longer words but when the meaning is precise, and no other words will fit.

Writing in short sentences

Sentences for this level of writing should be short because they are simple to understand. Each sentence should have a simple thought. It creates complexity and confusion to place more than a straightforward idea in a sentence.

Maintaining short paragraphs

The paragraphs like sentences should also be short and mostly elaborating on one idea or those that relate closely. You can read newspapers to determine the significance of short paragraphs. The purpose of the short sections is to simplify reading which because brains absorb information better when it is in small chunks. A paragraph when developing scholarly work develops one idea and may include many sentences. Casual writing is less formal hence paragraphs can be short as one sentence or even a word.

Use of active voice

Writers who are writing in English should write in an active voice that follows the subject verb object (SVO) sequence because it captures the reader's mind than passive voice. Passive voice reverses the active course to object, verb, subject (OVS) sequence, and readers find it annoying. It might be impossible to write in an active voice all through, but writers should use it much as possible.

Ending with a memorable conclusion

A conclusion should be captivating to bring and summarize the work with the last perspective on the topic. A determination should have three to five sentences that review the main points, reinforce the thesis but without introducing new words.

Although a writer might want to ‘decorate’ the work for middle school kids, it does not serve a purpose to use fluffy qualifying words that do not add anything to the meaning because they will suck the life out of the sentences. For instance, there is no need to write "it is vital to avoid the empty fluff words as they are distracting." The words rather and are qualifying words that do not add any value to the work.

How Much Schooling Is Needed to Be an Intensive Care Unit Nurse?

How  Much  Schooling  Is  Needed  to  Be  an  Intensive  Care  Unit  Nurse?

Intensive care unit (ICU) nurse is a registered nurse who takes care of the critically ill and injured people .ICU nursing work includes monitoring the life-sustaining devices and overseeing patient medications. Intensive care nurses can also be nurse practitioners (NP). The role of ICU nurses is to take care of the acutely ill patients for all ages. They work in intensive care units, critical care settings and burn centers.

An ICU nurse should have specialized training, knowledge and skills to provide care to critically ill patients. These nurses working in these specialized units take care of healthcare demands requiring close monitoring. They usually take care of one to three critical patients at a time in ICU.

Schooling Needs To Become an Intensive Care Unit Nurse

The first step to becoming an ICU nurse is to get a nursing education. The education to become an intensive care nurse can be an Associate’s or a bachelor’s degree to qualify as a registered nurse and apply for a license. Many degree programs offer an option to study coursework that teaches the students to work with an emergency, trauma as well as life support patients. These are some of the courses that make up the degree course.

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Microbiology
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Different social and behavioral sciences

The course might also include some liberal arts and various core subjects such as nursing ethics and mental health nursing. Some of the programs might have critical care focus yet others might offer supplemental certificates in critical care nursing. These programs usually may have courses including clinical nursing, health assessment, pharmacology, human responses and advanced care in illness.

Online Studies for Intensive Care Unit Nurse

There are some available options for online studying. More nursing schools now offer online education options. It is essential for students who want to pursue their nursing intensive care unit nurse schooling online to make sure that they choose a fully accredited program by one of the recognized bodies. The nurses need to gain some clinical experience that they can get from various settings in addition to the schooling .

A nursing student with an ambition to become a critical care nurse should try to perform many rotations as possible in ICUs of other such settings. They build up the experience and make the resume attractive to recruiters. A good nursing school helps the students to choose the type of environment where they can fit in.

Critical care nurse practitioner (NP) is another option to become an ICU nurse after earning a master’s degree. These degree programs usually provide advanced training in core subjects including:

  • Clinical assessment
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology
  • Patient management

Completing a nursing masters program prepares students for certification and advanced licensing. A nurse practitioner can diagnose medical problems, treat and prescribe some medications. This is an advanced role, unlike an RN position where a physician supervises and gives all the directions. Nurses do not have authority to prescribe medications. Besides, nurse practitioners should lead other nurses as their schooling and licensure place them a position where they can manage other nurses and medical staff.

Certification after Schooling to Be an Intensive Care Unit Nurse

All nurses must pass NCLEX-RN examination before they can practice as a registered nurse. They also need to get approval from other bodies regulating caregivers in critical care units. For example in the US, AACN (American Association of Critical-Care Nurses) issues Critical Care Nursing credentials for nurses intending to care for critically ill patients.

Certification might not always be a requirement, but a professional certificate demonstrates that a nurse can perform at the level of national standards. Eligibility for a certificate is only possible for nurses with a valid license and experience in working for critically ill patients. The candidate must also pass an examination that tests knowledge in critical care for a particular cluster of patients like geriatrics, adults, children or toddlers.

Nurses who choose the nurse practitioner path to work in ICU might need to acquire a certification from AACN through a Certification for Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program. The qualification for this examination should complete an accredited Master's program together with 500 hours of clinical experience under supervision during schooling. Maintaining these certifications requires a nurse to engage in continuing education training.

Intensive care unit nurse should in addition to schooling have excellent skills in communication, organizing documentation working in high-pressure situations and long hours.

False Cancer Diagnosis Leads to Malpractice

False  Cancer  Diagnosis  Leads  to  Malpractice

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death due to the complexity of treating it. A cancer diagnosis instills so much fear than almost nothing else and nobody wants to hear it. Despite the concern, millions of people get a diagnosis with some cancer, and hundreds of thousands die. The cause of so much anxiety and fear is because cancer causes many painful deaths. Medical practitioners can cause more stress for the cancer patients and their loved ones if they later find that the first diagnosis had some sort of error.

False cancer diagnosis leads to malpractice lawsuits because it causes much suffering to the patient in the form of incorrect, delayed or no treatment. Sometimes, the condition of the patient might worsen to the extent of causing death.

How Does False Cancer Diagnosis Happen


An erroneous determination can stem from late diagnosis or an obvious misdiagnosis. A misdiagnosis relating to cancer can happen in different ways. The first occurs when a doctor diagnosed a patient with cancer and later found out that the person did not have the disease. It is the least common type of misdiagnosis which will upset the person and cause emotional stress but is not going to cause long-term physical problems.

Delayed Diagnosis

The most common type of misdiagnosis happens because of a delay in cancer diagnosis. It occurs when a patient after a cancer diagnosis determines that there is a reason to find out if the doctors should have diagnosed the disease earlier. Since cancer is a progressive condition, early diagnosis would have led to a better prognosis and treatment. It means that a delay in diagnosis can cause a different outcome than if there was an early diagnosis. Screening tests can detect some cancers before a patient starts to exhibit signs and symptoms. Cancer on these organs is that which doctors can diagnose early with screening tests include cancer on these organs:

  • Lung
  • Colon
  • Prostate
  • Breast
  • Cervix

A cancer misdiagnosis might still occur even after a screening. Mistakes in evaluating scans often lead to an incorrect determination that cancer does not exist.

Cancer will keep on progression if there are not early diagnoses and it will only be diagnosed when it is in a progressive stage.

Incorrect diagnosis procedure

Another way of cancer misdiagnosis occurs if the method of performing the screening test is erroneous. For instance, improper preparation of the bowels in colorectal cancer before the test might cause an inaccurate reading. It is a reason to request for a repeat test. It could be enough to accuse a doctor of medical malpractice for failing to order a repeat test and the patient is diagnosed later with cancer.

How to Prove That False Cancer Diagnoses Lead to Malpractice

A mistake in diagnosis does not automatically sustain a case of medical malpractice. The patient or the representing advocate must use these ways to prove that a doctor should be liable for medical malpractice during a cancer diagnosis.

1.Failing to record the correct illness: Occurs when a medical professional does not include the accurate diagnosis on a list that another doctor with similar training would have included on a diagnosis list

2.Failing to investigate a diagnosis: The meaning of this is that a doctor added the correct diagnosis to the list but without conducting appropriate testing and seeking opinions from specialists to determine if the diagnosis is viable.

3.Failing to include proper illness: Happens when a medical professional fails to include the correctly diagnosed illness on his list when the situation requires the inclusion

4.Picking the wrong illness: This is the diagnosis of the wrong disease, e.g. cancer when the patient has another disease

5.Missed Diagnosis: A medical professional declares a patient to be healthy, but it emerges that he has cancer.

6.Delayed diagnosis-A delay in diagnosing the disease by a patient’s doctor until it progresses and worsens

7.Failing to diagnose relating and unrelated disease: Occurs when a doctor diagnosis another disease but not cancer till it progresses.

Sometimes a technician will be responsible for false cancer diagnosis due to the occurrence of one of these things that alter the accuracy of the test.

  • Contamination of samples
  • Fault or malfunctioning of the testing equipment

  • Incorrect reading of test results
  • Use of improper procedure or missing of something in the test

A plaintiff in false cancer diagnosis leads to malpractice case needs to prove that there was a relationship with the doctor who had a duty of care which he breached and it is the primary cause of wrong outcome or disease progression.

Medical Jobs That Require a Four-Year Degree

Medical Jobs That Require a Four-Year Degree

The standard medical school curriculum in the U.S should complete in four years. The first two years in the traditional schedule comprise of basic classroom science education while the last two years will mostly include rotations in the clinical settings where the students learn firsthand patient care. Registered nurses (RNs) in any specialty or work settings perform some tasks. They do the following:

  • Help or engage in treatment
  • Educate the patients and public about different medical conditions
  • Provide emotional support and advice to family members of patients

Registers nurses must do the following:

  • Record symptoms and medical histories of patients
  • Help to perform diagnostic tests and result in analysis

  • Operate medical machinery

  • Administer treatment and medications
  • Help to follow-up patient care and rehabilitation

A good thing about nursing is that it has many opportunities for everyone for everyone beginning with those who have a four-year bachelor's degree. A nursing job is a place even for those with an associate degree or when a master's or doctoral degree seems to be beyond reach. There are many jobs in healthcare for people holding or intending to pursue a 4-year degree. Some of the jobs in nursing might require licensure testing, certification or on the job training but they start with a bachelor's degree.

Physician assistant

Physical assistants (PAs) are medical professionals who practice medicine but work under the supervision of doctors and surgeons. PAs are different from medical assistants whose work is to perform routine clerical and clinical tasks. PAs go through formal training to provide diagnosis, therapy and preventive health care service according to instructions by a physician. They work as members of a healthcare team to take medical histories, order and interpret laboratory tests or x-rays. They also examine, diagnose and treat patients. PAs can also treat minor injuries, record progress notes, order or perform therapy, instruct and counsel the patients.

Some states of the US allow physician assistants to prescribe some medications. A PA at some establishments performs managerial duties like supervising technicians, assistants, ordering medical equipment and supplies.

Medical and health services manager

Healthcare is business like others and requires proper management to maintain smooth running. Medical and health services managers’ occupation has all the individuals with a role to plan, coordinate, direct and supervises the delivery of healthcare. These managers include generalists and specialists. Specialists are the people in charge of particular clinical services or departments. Generalists manage or help in managing a full system or facility.

Health educator

Health educators encourage wellness and healthier lifestyles by providing education about behaviors that promote healthy living and prevent diseases or other health problems. They educate individuals and communities.

Health educators try to avoid illnesses by providing education on health-related topics such as the importance of exercise, proper nutrition, avoiding STIs and habits that are necessary for preventing disease. They start to be assessing the needs of the audience to determine the best topics and best way of presenting information. They can have different programs for women at risk of breast cancer, college students who may engage in binge drinking and the elderly with chronic diseases. Health educators consider the cultural norms and other belief by the audience to make much impact.

Job prospects for the health educators favor those with bachelor's degrees, but those with experience through an internship or volunteer jobs have an advantage.

Recreational therapist

A recreational therapist or a therapeutic recreation specialist provides treatment and recreation services to patients with illnesses or disabilities. Therapists help clients to reduce depression, stress, and recover basic motor functioning and ability to reason. They also help people to build confidence, socialize well to enjoy more independence and reduce or eliminate effects caused by sickness or disability.

Recreation therapists experience competition for jobs buts prospects is bright for holders of a bachelor’s degree in therapeutic recreation or another course in the same field. Employment opportunities are more for the therapist who acquire special certifications in areas such as crisis intervention, aquatic therapy and medication.

The above five jobs medical jobs that require a four-year degree and still have a large number of openings are also rewarding careers because the professionals directly contribute to improving lives.

Online Medical Transcription Training

Online  Medical  Transcription  Training

Medical transcription also MT is manual processing of voice reports that other physicians and healthcare professionals dictate in text format. Healthcare providers will voice-record notes while transcriptionists convert these voice files to text in digital forms. Demand for electronic data is increasing because of the required compliance with electronic health record (EHR) and Health IT initiatives. Healthcare providers sometimes use voice streaming to voice files that they need to reach the MT department immediately.

Employers of the medical transcriptionists look for people proficient individuals with proper training. Medical transcriptionists should have excellent comprehension of:

  • Medical terminology
  • Computer training
  • A background in transcribing medical dictation
  • English grammar and punctuation

Employers prefer hiring certified medical transcriptionists. Training for medical transcription can take place online taking 6-9 months for a certification program. Those who want to earn an Associate degree in applied science in medical transcription will study for two years.

Curriculum of Online Medical Transcription Training

Students of online medical transcription classes learn to create a medical report for use at various healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, and other facilities. Many online programs in MT field target to help students to develop the right skills for the industry. It might include the use of online simulators, access to dictation and editing exercises.

Medical transcription will be difficult for someone who does not understand the basics of the medicine world. Training programs solve this challenge by teaching these subjects to their students:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medical terminology
  • Medical reporting
  • Electronic health records
  • Using different types of medical reference books

Online courses cover various topics that help students to master medical transcription. Some of the courses in online medical transcription training are:

  • Discharge summaries
  • Operative and autopsy reports
  • Producing medical reports and documents
  • Diagnosing imaging studies

Online programs today have become extremely comprehensive, and students can find those that also teach medical law and ethics, health science, communication, pharmacology, and medical terminology.


Students should start by reviewing the certification or licensing requirements for the state where they operate as there might be some differences. The state professional licensing board or another regulatory body in a region where a learner intends to work can provide licensure information.

Online Medical Transcription Training Programs

Different online educational programs offer opportunities for medical transcription training.

  • These are the major programs for online training.
  • Associate's degree in Applied Science in medical transcription
  • Professional medical transcriptionist program
  • Medical transcriptionist certificate

Most of the people who go into medical transcription decide to attend a community college that offers an associate degree in applied science (medical transcription). It takes one to two years to learn the educational background with an emphasis on the medical transcription. At the end of the program, students sit for an RMT examination from AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity).

Certification of Online Medical Transcription Training

All online medical transcription training programs prepare students to take certification exams.

Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT)

RMT is the first level of certification for beginning transcribers with knowledge on transcribing dictation from a health professional but might need help for words or phrases that are inconsistent or lack clarity. Students must take a registered medical transcriptionist exam to test their professional skills before they begin practicing. The examination has more than a 100 multiple choice question focusing on transcription standards, styles, body systems, and clinical medicine terminology.

Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT)

CMT certification is for transcriptionists with RMT after they gain experience by practicing for 3-5 years as medical transcribers in multi-practice setting or acute care. They earn the second level after passing the CMT exam which has over 100 questions testing on various areas transcription, medicine and anatomy terminology and transcribing. Employers hire transcribers with certification with any of the two certification credentials depending on their needs.

Students who plan to pursue online medical transcription training should determine the scheduling requirements. Some of the institutions allow students to set their course schedules after fixing the end date for completing assignments and submitting tests. Other stream class conferences or video lectures by webcam at set schedules that all students should attend at the same time.

Many transcription programs make arrangements for internship or externship to enable students to gain hands-on transcription practice. Students who show proficiency and mastery of keyboarding skills usually get externship opportunities for transcription training from affiliated companies.

The Highest Rated Medical Transcription Schools in the US

The  Highest  Rated  Medical  Transcription  Schools  in  the  US

Medical transcriptionists are the professionals responsible for transcribing dictated recordings from healthcare professionals including doctors to create documents for patient fields. These documents can be medical, administrative or for other essential records. There are many transcription schools, but the best for medical professionals are those specializing in training professionals in this field. There are many communities and technical colleges that teach medical transcription to students on campus or online educational programs.

The highest rated among the many are those with remarkable graduation rates, successful alumni in the job market and student satisfaction. Opinion of experts is also another vital criterion to consider when choosing the top medical transcription schools. The highest rated medical transcription schools in the US at this time are:

1.Everett Community College

Everett community college has programs in medical transcription and editing through the health science division. It is an online program that uses written materials and custom software to enable students to train from their homes or any other place with internet access. It allows students to work and study. Everett community college medical transcription program is one of the high rates has full accreditation and among the highest rated in the country. Students can join at the beginning of an academic quarter on a full or part-time basis provided that they complete 43 credits.

2.Metropolitan Community

College An accredited program at Metropolitan Community College offers an accredited program to enable the students earns an associate of applied science degree (health information management systems) with an emphasis in medical transcription. The college offers a medical transcription program at the main campus in Omaha, Nebraska and also online. It is a fully accredited program that is among the best in the US. The program requires students to complete the study in two years. They should complete 44.5 credits in the health information management, 27 credits general education and an internship. Students can after completing their degree program take a certification examination by AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) to qualify to be registered medical transcriptionists.

3.Delta College

Delta College is in University Center Michigan and offers a Medical Office Professions program including a famous one year certificate in the medical transcription. AHDI certifies the students who complete the program, pass specific written and practical examinations to be certified medical transcriptionists.

Medical transcription program at Delta College is comprehensive as it requires students to complete classes in:

  • Medical terminology
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Medical college pharmacology
  • Legal aspects of the Healthcare system
  • Medical pharmacology
  • Document processing
  • Time management
  • Medical transcription
  • Business communication
4.GateWay Community College

This community college offers one of the top online medical transcription programs leading to an Associate degree in Applied Sciences. The program emphasizes the study of these subjects:

  • Study of anatomy and physiology

  • Medications
  • Surgical procedures
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Therapeutic procedures
  • Legal issues in healthcare management

Students who apply to enroll must produce a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation card from health care provider and earn at least a grade C in all the courses within the program for them to graduate.

5.California State University (CSU)

CSU, one of the top regional colleges in the West with a continuing education department offers more than 50 programs. An online medical transcription course leading to a certificate is one of the classes at CSU. A professional with decades of experience in professional transcription teaches and leads the instruction team. Students study medical terminology about systems of the body and infectious diseases. Instructors use audio recordings of speakers from different states to develop the transcription skills.

Medical transcription course programs are for the people who have an interest in working the medical field as medical transcriptionists or editors. Certification is necessary for qualification to work in the medical transcription field. The program should include a real-world practical experience to provide learners with practical skills that they require become excellent transcribers. Many healthcare providers outsource their transcription work to healthcare documentation companies that in turn hire professionals to transcribe and edit in an online virtual work environment.

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Nurses spend a lot of time with their patients as it is part of their healthcare system. It is part of their job as they get lots of opportunities in observing and monitoring patients to see how they are faring and spot problems early. Understanding how to asses a patient’s wellbeing i.e. checking his or her pressure and temperature is part of her daily routine. Undertaking this career often leaves nurses with lots of questions. Many are not always content with their selves as it is a process which requires deep preparations and the right attitude for the job. Nurses are in demand for their services in many healthcare centers. It is also evident because many schools require admission letters of purpose before joining. Nursing skills are vital in preparing yourself for a future of serving and caring for others by learning and acquiring upon the skills and characteristics needed to succeed on the job. Many clinical skills are important that will help you achieve greater strides in your career.

1. Good communication skills

Nurses are always on the frontline of care. Many will have to pass critical information that is coming from a physician to a patient. He or she must create an open dialogue with patients and their families so they fully comprehend medication, diagnosis or any other medical concerns that may be in need. Clear concise information amongst fellow colleagues is key as it involves sharing of responsibilities and caring for your patients. Many nurses find themselves sharing information with critically ill patients or their doctors. Strong communication is critical for achieving this.

2. Possess critical thinking skills

For one to be admitted to the nursing field, critical skills are vital to employing in your everyday life situations. Crucial decisions need to be met and solved on the spot as it always a matter of life and death. Showing confidence and quickly mitigating the issue is necessary to the nursing profession field.

3. Flexibility

Nurses often meet surprises in their daily operations. Emergency situations are constant in their day to day operations. Many nurses should be able to juggle the strenuous schedules that they have. Showing the capability to adapt to the evolving schedules is imperative to them succeeding. Apart from acquiring skills, nursing must constantly attend remedial classes or go back to books to improve their nursing skills. as the world continues to evolve so is the emergence of new medications and diseases that should have them prepared for the rest of their careers.

There are multiple sources for improving nursing skills. resources help improve a nurse’s competency in the profession and provides an overview of procedures or the desired outcomes that need communication with the patient’s family. Nurses can also improve their skillsets by acquiring additional resources that include resources covering a wide range of topics that relate to their communication skills, critical thinking skills and about drug information.

Enhancement of your clinical skills also includes accessing drug information and also knowing those that contain precautions, side effects before administering them to patients. Another way of enhancing your skillset is by continuing to work on education modules that will help expand their knowledge capacity and thinning areas. Having a broad scope of knowledge is beneficial to one’s career. Many diseases are emerging in this fast-paced moving healthcare environment. One can increase their skills with additional resources that includes going through research information’s found in clinical libraries and textbooks covering a wide range of topics. Nurses can greatly improve their skills through resources which focus on many areas of clinical nursing that include patient care, technical, nursing, communication, and critical thinking skills as stated above.

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Assignment Details: 

Post a substantive 250- to 400-word response to the

  • Select one of the stories presented in Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm (Links to an external site.), and research additional background information as necessary.
  • Provide a summary of the story, the errors, and how those errors can be prevented.
  • What strategies can APNs employ to prevent errors and contribute to a culture of patient safety?
  • What challenges in the implementation of continuous quality improvement (CQI) have you observed in your own clinical practice?


Chasing Zero: Winning the war on Healthcare Harm is a documentary that  looks at the growing problem of medical errors will providing various ways and ideas  on how the risk could be reduced.  The documentary shows a list of medical errors and how these errors have on a family life as it also describes the way that the families have been affected.  Among the errors is the medical negligence when Dennis and Kimberly Quaid twins were accidentally given Heparin (1,000 times stronger) in the place of Hep-lock, fortunately for them it did not cause death to the lives of the twins (TMIT, 2012).  Also the other error was due to the fact that Heparin and Hep-lock were stored in a similar colored bottle and were also labelled the same way which made it difficult to know the difference (TMIT, 2012). 

From watching the documentary it is evident that some of these errors can be avoided by APNs and promote the culture of patient safety. One of the ways includes improving the old system and processes of administering or labelling medication and coming up with new ones (TMIT, 2012).  For example having a checkbox list is one of the ways that resident surgeons can use to prevent errors. Also the barcode technology is among the safest ways to check for medication safety before administering it. 

One of the challenges that I have observed in the implementation of continuous quality improvement during my clinical practice has been poor coordination between the various departments of patient care (TMIT, 2012).  There is also poor communication between nurses and the system of care which does may promote various medical errors.  It thus important for APNs to educate themselves about problems of patient safety and the potential solutions to improve care within their environment. 



TMIT. (2012, August 3). Chasing Zero: Winning the War on Healthcare Harm. Retrieved October 17, 2019, from